Darren Claxton about Jon Magnusson

I’d like to talk about a fellow Steemit musician and friend I’ve made here on Steemit these past few weeks.
@jonmagnussun Is a really great guy, songwriter and musician from Stockholm in Sweden. It’s a place I’d love to visit one day, and now I have a musical connection with this beautiful country, the power of STEEM could propel me over there to play a few shows with Jon!

The track that really stands out for me from his new EP Always a Rebel is
I’m not the only one’ which has such a fresh and unique sound, full of 90’s indie and Britpop vibes, intertwined with those gorgeous analogue synth pads. Jon’s vocal is laced by his wonderfully infectious Scandinavian accent, which just draws you in and conjures up images of strong traditions such as Fika (the art of catching up over coffee and a cake), the uber cool fashion trends and quirky hotels and hostels. Yes, I’ve been watching lots of YT videos on Scandinavian countries!

You can hear this great track over at Jon’s #mysounds – dsound

Head over and check out Jon’s music now on his DSound You won’t be disappointed!

Thanks for reading and, @jonmagnusson Keep Moving Forwards brother!



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