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Pechiche Mena about Olvidé San Telmo

Well , apart from the fact that I love what they do , one of the reasons I picked “Olvidé San Telmo” for this review is because all of their members are now on Steemit : @luisferchav , @vera.carla , @roman.musica , @matiasmenarguez and @ivan.deiana . Being Ivan the last one who joined just a couple of days ago ( so if this post wins a place , just transfer all the STEEM to @ivan.deiana as a little welcome 😀 ).

Olvidé San Telmo is a great example of different minds working together to achieve a common sound , they ALL come from very different musical backgrounds and have their own sound explorations. Somehow, they found a middle ground in which they combine all these elements into one compact sound concept.

They combine Jazz, Folklore, Pop elements and even some theatrical and conceptual performances into their shows, combined with some cool visuals it is for sure a show you wouldn’t want to miss. They use a very particular selection of instruments like the Charango, Roncoco, Sitar and the Uke Bass to mix them with more traditional instruments like drums and percussion to provide a bed in which very Pop like melodies sit on top.. it is a very nice mix of elements , and very original in my opinion.

They recently recorded their album ”Lo que nace del suelo” which is available at Spotify , so do yourself a favor and give it a listen!

Also, check their Single ”Lo que nace del suelo” , a very uplifting and entertaining song!

I recommend you go visit their page and listen to their music.. and also.. check their individual blogs , they all write about very different and interesting things in this platform.

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