Reminder: Bands About Bands S02:E04

From now on, we’ll write about Bands About Bands (a Steemit contest) not only on Steemit but on our blog https://fortheloveofbands as well to hopefully direct more awesome bands and artists to Steemit and ultimately write about each other, because that’s what the independent music industry is about: engagement and support. Do not only think about your own career but other’s as well.

That’s the main reason we started the Bands About Bands contest: to support and reward engagement on Steemit! A contest for and by musicians.

Season 4 is already a few weeks on the way and you can check the announcement post here and we’ll also explain a bit and give you an update in this post. 12 reviews have already been written which will be added to our website over the course of the next few days and share on all of our socials.

15 SBD will be shared between all writers and bands/artists, so there’s something in it for everyone (besides extra attention).

In this episode, @ylich already wrote an impressive article about @helyorsini. Check it out by reading ‘Hely Orsini, a story, an album, a song‘.

Rules / How to enter

  • Follow this account (@ftlob)
  • Resteem this post
  • Write a minimum of 100 words about a Steemian band/artist’s song, album, EP or music video
  • Include a DSound / DTube link
  • Include links to other platforms (Musicoin, Spotify, Soundcloud)
  • Include artwork
  • Use #BandsAboutBands as tag
  • Tag the artist you’re writing about
  • Include link to this contest
  • Add link to your submissions in the comments of the announcement post (this post)
  • Submit your entry before June 15th (episode will end on June 14th)

Prize pool / rewards

10 SBD will be devided between all writers and bands/artists (75% writers and 25% bands/artists).

E.g. 5 contestants = 1,5 SBD per writer + 0,5 SBD per band/artist

First prize 5 SBD shared equally between author and band/artist

On top of this, we’ll reward every entry (that qualifies) with 50 $INDIE.

$INDIE is the brand-agnostic reward token of The Indie Alliance – a collective of global Arts projects and blockchain awards brands. Sign up to Bitshares to be able to receive them.

What are you waiting for? Let’s reward creativity! If you have any questions about this contest, ask in the comments or join our Discord server. 

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