Bands About Bands S03E01 | A DSound Community Initiative

On Bands About Bands, Steemian artists pick up the pen and write a review about a fellow Steemian band or artist. We invite all of you to give a proper shoutout to a band or artist you discovered on Steemit, or is active on Steemit. 24 amazing reviews have now been written so far.

With 14 awesome reviews written in season 2, this was one heck of a season! We’ll announce the winner of previous episode (S02E04) and also the winner of season 2 in this post. Furthermore, today marks the day that season 3, episode one starts.

In this post:

  • Rules / How to enter episode 1
  • Prize pool / rewards episode 1
  • Winner season 2, episode 4
  • Bands About Bands contestants season 1 and 2
  • Final results season 2 (winner … )

Without further ado, we’d like to announce season 3 episode 1 of Bands About Bands today. We’ve come up with a reward structure that rewards all writers. All writers will earn SBD when competing this season. Thanks to @prc’s (@dsound) support, the total prize pool will be 60 SBD in season 3 and 15 SBD in episode 1.

Rules / How to enter

  • Follow this account (@ftlob)
  • Resteem this post
  • Write a minimum of 100 words about a Steemian band/artist’s song, album, EP or music video
  • Include a DSound / DTube link
  • Include links to other platforms (Musicoin, Spotify, Soundcloud)
  • Include artwork
  • Use #BandsAboutBands as tag
  • Tag the artist you’re writing about
  • Include link to this contest
  • Add link to your submissions in the comments of the announcement post (this post)
  • Submit your entry on June 25th at the latest.

You have 8 days to enter this first episode. Contest will end on June 25th after which the Steemit community will have 24 hours to vote for their favourite review.

Prize pool / rewards

10 SBD will be devided between all writers and bands/artists (75% writers / 25% bands/artists).

E.g. 5 contestants = 1,5 SBD per writer + 0,5 SBD per band/artist

First prize 5 SBD shared equally between author and band/artist

On top of this, we’ll reward every entry (that qualifies) with 50 $INDIE.

$INDIE is the brand-agnostic reward token of The Indie Alliance – a collective of global Arts projects and blockchain awards brands. Sign up to Bitshares to be able to receive them.

Winner season 2, episode 4

@davenavarro won episode 4 with his review about new Steemians @nostosmus! What a way to welcome this artist to the platform. Well done & congrats!

@helyorsini, @faithcalls and @nostosmus all received 0,85 SBD for being the direct objects of this episode 🙂

Bands About Bands contestants

In episode 1, @pechichemena wrote about @olvidesantelmo (with @luisferchav , @vera.carla , @roman.musica , @matiasmenarguez and @ivan.deiana in the band), @darrenclaxton about @jonmagnusson and visa versa, @d-vine about @jeffleinwand and @ravenmus1c about @newenx. In episode 2, @seenitallfilms wrote about @juxtamusic. In episode 3, @samprock about @juxtamusic, @plugdeux about @Shakazula and @thexreposts about @spawnband and in episode 4, @allbums wrote an awesome review about @junkfeathers. In season 2, @davenavarro wrote about @spawnband, @grizzle wrote about @theturtleproject, @d-vine wrote about @edprivat, @allbums wrote about @ko-may, @ando79 wrote about @tonesbeach @that.bass.guy wrote about #ScaleTheSummit @jonmagnusson about @nakedverse @ylich about @yidneth @allbums about @jeffandhisguitar @d-vine about @onemedia @allbums about @nathankaye @ylich about @helyorsini @allbums about @faithcalls and @davenavarro about @nostosmus

Leaderboard season 2

@d-vine wins season 2 with 15 points and 15 SBD + 100 $INDIE earned. Congratulations! Awesome work and we’ll hope to see you again in season 3!

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