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Below you’ll find a massive and always growing list of Spotify playlist curators you can submit music to right now. If you’re still a bit unsure what the best method is, or still have other questions, read our ‘How To Get Your Music On More Spotify Playlists‘ first. This popular blog post contains valuable tips to grow as an artist on Spotify.  Use the directory below to submit to Spotify playlists.

Why do we want to share our playlist directory with you? Because we’ve gathered quite an extensive list of curators and it’s a shame to just keep this to ourselves and most importantly you deserve to get your music out there and gain new fans, followers and playlist placements. Make sure to save this to your favourites as we’ll be updating this blog post frequently.

Spotify playlist curators directory

Follower count updated: 11 September 2018
Playlist Name Curator Genre(s) Followers Submit
New Music For The Love Of Bands For The Love Of Bands All genres 2,513 Via website
New Songs 2018 Elmer Bermal All genres 19,525 Via e-mail
Klangspot Playlists Klangspot Many playlists 40,000 + Via website
Top Buzz sidekickmusic Various 14,806 Via website
Amazed by The Moment Nariman Dastpak Acoustic, Ambient, Chill, Downtempo 34 Via website
Light Songs for Lazy Sundays Nariman Dastpak Folk, Pop, Acoustic 2,729 Via website
Vibes of Blues, Jazz & Soul Tribes Nariman Dastpak Blues, Instrumental, Jazz, Soul 1,806 Via website
Music Medley Nariman Dastpak All genres 1,754 Via website
Rock & Metal Block Nariman Dastpak Alternative, Rock, Metal 1,860 Via website
#IndependentMusicMonday[PIAS] Playlists New music 18,863 Via website
Shoegaze[PIAS] Playlists Shoegaze 24,840 Via website or Facebook
Indie Workout[PIAS] Playlists Upbeat Indie 6,435 Via website or Facebook
Psychedelic Soul Sound Of Us Soul 216 Via website
A Journey Into Female Vocalists Sound Of Us Various 613 Via website
Funk Yes, Disco No Sound Of Us Various 169 Via website
Various other playlists Sound Of Us Various - Via website
Selected: Soundplate Soundplate Various 7,316 Via website
Fresh Beats Soundplate HipHop, TripHop, Electronica 8,560 Via website
Mood Lift: Happy Music! Soundplate Happy 4,418 Via website
Sunset Hunters Soundplate Mood 5,080 Via website
Love Songs Indiemono Various 261,342 Via website
Happy Songs Indiemono Various 46,241 Via website
SAD Music for Crying yourself to sleep Indiemono Various 368,217 Via website
New Indie / Alternative Indiemono Indie, Alternative 11,510 Via website
New Music Mondays Ditto Music Various 13,735 Via website
Digster (Universal) Digster Various playlists - Via website
EDM Daily Daily Playlists EDM 4,587 Via website
Pop Daily Daily Playlists Pop 4,019 Via website
Indie Daily Daily Playlists Indie 2,045 Via website
Hip Hop Daily Daily Playlists Hip Hop 3,772 Via website
Rock Daily Daily Playlists Rock 736 Via website
Kolibri Music Kolibri Music Various playlists - Via website
CloudKid CloudKid Various 83,878 Via Submithub
Songpickr: 2018 Best Songs Songpickr Various 132,761 Via Submithub
Fashion Store Sounds WorkHardPlaylistHard Electronic, Pop, Indie 10,866 Via Website
Fresh Picks WorkHardPlaylistHard Various 7,286 Via Website
Wine Bar Grooves WorkHardPlaylistHard Groovy, Funky, House 3,197 Via Website
This Playlist Rocks WorkHardPlaylistHard Electronic 653 Via Website
Symphonic Distribution Symphonic Distribution Various - Via website
Musicto Musicto Moods - Via website
Top Trending Higher Reign Various 444 Via website
New Music Friday Pop Justice Various 7,448 Via website
2018% Solid Pop Music Pop Justice Pop 1,269 Via website
What’s Popping Indie Mixtape Indie 60,382 Via website
Sunday Chill Indie Mixtape Relax, Chill 14,699 Via website
Indie Uplift Indie Mixtape Indie 10,066 Via website
Drive Time Indie Mixtape Rock 10,377 Via website
100+ best new alternative & indie hits Trackdiggers Indie, Alternative 364 Via Facebook
Poolside SpinGrey Various 7,359 SpinBox
Sunday SpinGrey Various 21,789 SpinBox
Dinner With Friends SpinGrey Various 5,567 SpinBox
It’s LIT SpinGrey Various 26,209 SpinBox
Indie & Alternative Party Jon Magnusson Indie, Alternative 233 Via website
Monsterthread – The Big One Jon Magnusson Various 536 Via website
Add This Music multiple playlists addthismusic Various - Via website
TheFreshTen: Indie TheFreshTen Indie 9,677 Via website
TheFreshTen: Sauce Boss TheFreshTen Rap 10,271 Via website
TheFreshTen (many other playlists) TheFreshTen Various - Via website
Xune Mag Fresh Finds Various 4,759 Via website
TuneMunk TuneMunk Various playlists - Via website
Music Is Much More Music_is_much_more Various playlists - Via website
Pop Punk / Punk Rock What happened to your band Pop Punk, Punk Rock 119 Via submithub
Today's Top Picks PopFiltr Various 75,489 Via e-mail
Rocking Indie PopFiltr Indie Rock 25,369 Via e-mail
Indie Hits Stereobeats Indie Rock 1,026 Via e-mail
Indie Bands of 2018 BandRec Indie Pop, Indie Rock 689 Via Facebook
Why doesn't everyone know these songs? Luna Keller Various 57 Via e-mail
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