No Alarms – Find Me

Mixing the synth with the background drumming beat and guitars gives a haunting vibe that keeps the song grounded.

Detriot-based Indie-Pop group No Alarms are sharing their sound with new single ‘Find Me’. The band use a range of skilled instrumentals as well as electronic sounds to create their mysterious style.

The base of this song sounds similar to modern dance tracks with a vivid electronic melody and synth which continues throughout and gets its star moments during verses. This contrasts well with the electric guitars which keeps it from sounding too ‘Pop’. Mixing the synth with the background drumming beat and guitars gives a haunting vibe that keeps the song grounded.

Vocals from the band add a lot to the tone and style of No Alarms. They are powerful in quite an understated way as they blend in with the music rather than layer on top. The way the band uses these quieter vocals creates an eerie atmosphere as the synth and lyrics collaborate.

The song doesn’t take too many turns throughout and stays within a set of chords, creating a relaxed and soothing experience. Instrumentals and layers are dropped at points in the verses to give attention to the vocals and established riff.

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This is certainly a song to listen to if you feel like winding down or taking time to focus. It isn’t blaring or distracting which makes it easy to absorb and experience.

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Chloe-Lou Walker
the authorChloe-Lou Walker
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  • I like the calm vibe of the song! Also, the instruments and vocals are very well-balanced. Good one!

  • This is a pretty good quality track as far as production and writing goes. I really like the intro and rocking end. The area of improvement would be vocal tone, maybe experiment with making a bit more relaxed and breathy on the verses. I like the heavier guitar section, i would go there longer or more frequently. Good solid track tho! good job guys!

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