Crimson Brooks – Good Side could be placed alongside the best blues-rock tracks around.

A refreshing blues-rock act with ambitions to take the world by storm!

Crimson Brooks

Crimson Brooks is an indie rock duo from St Petersburg, Russia, with ambitions of taking the rest of the world by storm. The act is brought to life by Maria (vocals and guitar) and Greg (guitar). The transformation of the bands sound from soft rock to a bold blues-rock style won the hearts of local indie rock listeners, who compare their sound to the likes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Dead Weather and The Kills.

Good Side, the latest release by Crimson Brooks, is a blues-rock song with a passive aggressive message about failing at being a nice and positive person. It combines powerful sounding vocals, distortion filled guitars and a fat bassline to convey a story – where a person plays their part well enough to fit in, while masking an impish character. The skillful use of textural sounds enhances the aggressive feel. The song breaks into a melodic bridge which lends a moment of reflection, hinting at the futility of trying to understand why and the hope to find what the person has been looking for all along. The bridge builds up to a riveting guitar solo, which carries the track to the end.

On the whole, Good Side is a track that could be placed alongside the best blues-rock tracks around. I can’t wait to hear more from Crimson Brooks.

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  • Great guitar tone and an engaging vocal. Although I usually like atypical song structure, I had trouble keeping up with this one. Maybe a sense of disjointedness is what they were going for? I didn’t like the vocal effect on the verses. Seemed to detract from the power of the vocal for me.

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