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The Kanz release latest single “Life Streaming Past” on 27th September 2019

After a summer break with sporadic live music events and a rock/metal festival in Northamptonshire,
The Kanz has finally come back on all music platforms with the release of their latest single “Life Streaming Past” on 27th September.

The band has already gained attention and praise with their first two singles “Relativism” and “Just Panic” on their social media and they’re well-known in the London rock scene for their exceptionally entertaining and energetic shows with a distinctive and innovative punk rock sound.

While The Kanz’s fan base is steadily growing throughout Europe and punk rock lovers around the world are starting to discover their music and videos, even people who enjoy pop music will surely dig “Life Streaming Past”, which has surprisingly a more romantic tone and ballad-like sound; the lyrics are about a quest for love or happiness and they’re definitely more dreamy and intimate compared to their habitual repertoire.

Fabio Nania, the lead singer of the band, has written music and lyrics of this track and he personally considers it “the ideal song to kiss your loved ones during a concert”.

The Kanz new single rock ballad Life Streaming Past

The music video, which will be released also on their YouTube VEVO channel, is notably produced by Rafael Pastana, the drummer of The Kanz; it shows a quirky story of a cyberpunk girl, who finds a little turtle in a park; again, Fabio Nania comments “it’s a cute and simple storyline but it shows how love can be found in weird places. We wanted to find the right pet for a punk story so the turtle was the best fit!”

a picture from the music video set in London

From the end of August the band will also present a new, more powerful formation, featuring new synth player Francesco di Cataldo and the return of bassist player William Patini, so make sure to come at their upcoming shows and join the ultimate new “Kanz” experience.

Follow The Kanz on all social networks as the band continues to play gigs around the London circuit.






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