‘Goodbyes Without Goodbye’ By Loveblind Is A Song Destined To Become A 21st – Century Alternative Classic [VIDEO PREMIERE]

‘Goodbyes Without Goodbye’, the latest single from the band Loveblind, is an infectious and enthralling dream pop song that provides further aural evidence as to why this band is being touted as a synthwave/shoegaze supergroup.

Like their two previously released singles from their upcoming debut album Sleeping Visions, it demonstrates the immense talent of the band and its powerful ability to become a compelling musical force while simultaneously drawing upon the individual musical strengths of its band members and the distinct genres that inform and influence its sound.

From the opening notes of the song, which is reminiscent of New Order’s classic ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’, to its layered driving drumbeats and harmonies that conjure up other 80s iconic synth bands like The Cure, this song grabs you by the ears and rewards your act of listening with an irresistible melodic punch that drives you want to hear more from this captivating group.


The video itself, with lead singer Dorian Electrique’s piercing vocals rising over the atmospheric montage of slow-motion images that symbolize the universal themes of heartbreak, loneliness, and hope serves as a perfect match for the song’s emotional landscape and affirms that ‘Goodbyes Without Goodbye’ is a song about the human experience we can all relate to and is a song destined to become a 21st-century alternative classic.

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Loveblind consists of :

Neil Burkdoll / Guitar, Drums, Synth
Dorian Electrique / Vocals, Lyrics
Joshua Garman / Guitar, Drums, Synth
Wyatt Parkins / Guitar, Drums, Synth
Mikel Wegener / Bass, Drums

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