Waking Bear – Bigfoot – Indie Music Contest April 2020

Waking Bear - Bigfoot - Indie Music Contest April 2020

| BACKGROUND | Bigfoot is a song written by Noah Bear of the Northwest indie band, Waking Bear. Noah wrote the song after being single and dating unsuccessfully for five years :) Looking back on it, Noah was so grateful he had a chance grow from the experience of being alone. In the long run it helped to deepen his connection to source as he learned to turn to the divine for his needs. But in the short term, he felt much like Bigfoot, alone, unseen and misunderstood :) | SYNOPSIS | In this music video, Bigfoot leads a lonely life in the calm suburbs of Olympia, WA. He often sits at home, playing chess with himself and having a glass of his favorite Merlot. Although Bigfoot dreams of running free and dancing wild in the woods, he has responsibilities to attend to, like serving as head chef at Bits cafe. It's here the drama begins. Bigfoot is hopelessly crushed on his co-worker Sara, who's a waitress at the restaurant. Unfortunately for Bigfoot, he's not even on Sara's radar and he often witnesses Sara flirting with other men in the Cafe. Although he may be in the friend-zone, Bigfoot doesn't give up. Things begin to turn around when he sees Sara across the dance floor at Olympia's Annual Ballroom Dance. See what happens when Sara and Bigfoot make eye contact and if you've ever had doubt's about Bigfoot's dancing skills, check out what happens when Bigfoot dances to Waking Bear when the song get's super funky. No spoiler alerts here, let's just say it's a happy ending for Bigfoot...an no, not that kind of happy ending!

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