Aura Blaze – Overture: Solar Emerge – Indie Music Contest April 2020

Aura Blaze - Overture: Solar Emerge - Indie Music Contest April 2020

A whirlwind of brilliant color accompanies a '60s-infused psychedelic pop melody akin to The Beatles in this unique animated music video for "Overture: Solar Emerge" by Aura Blaze. With the notion of “contrast” in the spotlight, Aura Blaze frontman Rhode Rachel endeavors to evoke the unspeakable emotion that blossoms forth as terror couples with beauty, pulling the listener through the veil of conventional thought, into what the great writer Aldous Huxley has termed “the mind’s antipodes,” or the farthest sphere of human consciousness. The music of Aura Blaze is celestial yet tellurian, catchy yet haunting, spiritually ineffable yet nostalgically tangible. Aura Blaze has been featured on Cleopatra Records' Psych Box compilation alongside musical legends Hawkwind, Iron Butterfly, Nico, MC5, and more. Over 60 thousand TouchTunes jukeboxes across the United States are broadcasting the Aura Blaze classic, "A Glass of Tears Half Empty." The horizon of the future is blinding with beauty as prestigious music blogs and websites continuously carry forth the music and message of Aura Blaze, while worldwide internet and FM radio stations as well as indie music podcasts blast those unique sunflower vibes out to the masses. Stay tuned for some of the most inspired, thought-provoking, and gloriously catchy melodies yet as the rest of 2020 unfolds for Aura Blaze!

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