NEEDSHES – Don’t Make Me Cry – Indie Music Contest April 2020

NEEDSHES - Don't Make Me Cry - Indie Music Contest April 2020

The song and the video is out April 24, 2020. The sound of the new experimental song was influenced by Jack White, Bishop Briggs, Moby, Childish Gambino. It transcends the limitations of singular genres, blending alternative rock, trap, soul, and orchestral tune into a unique epic sound. The mystery instrumental opening immediately puts you into a cathartic atmosphere. The chorus flowing like melting butter switches to the cutting and edgy 2nd verse followed by juicy rock’n’roll solo. The release came out with the glossy vintage animated Music Video showcasing the extreme artistry and animation fantasy of the band's frontman Otabek Salamov. With animated figures and colorful textures, the band puts the audience in a trance. Spoiler alarm: Have you ever seen a business lion, a lady with a cow head, and an astronaut running on a flared planet? See for yourself what pure anarchy looks like! The song deals with the perception of the controversial human world, values which can be often misleading and disruptive, willingness to be alive and free amidst the chaos. The video turns the tension in the song into straight-up satire. On the release, the song is preceded by the instrumental orchestral Intro, "In the Cradle of Truth". Listen to the full 2-track release on SoundCloud: https://bit.ly/3aCzmGH

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