Jonas Park – ‘Indie Romeo’

Jonas Park - 'Indie Romeo' - Indie Music Contest Spring 2023

I made the EP that this track belongs to with a narrative in mind and each song had a different, fleshed-out storyline. All except 'Indie Romeo'. This song sort of came together in pieces of an aesthetic that felt really refreshing and exciting, like the rush you feel starting a new chapter of your life. And as the melodies developed, I tried to have the instrumentals (especially the guitars) really become the driving force of the song. The listener should feel constantly carried along, like there's so much to take in but you're already in the next part of the song before you fully can. Beginnings can be overwhelming and joyful and chaotic and I feel like that's the experience that I tried to capture with this song. Lyrics: You roll the window down And let the cold in The winter gave us blessings Upon our bare skin Waiting for yourself To come back round in style Hands shake at the steering wheel Yeah, it’s been a while Been a while You’re the punk rock poet, the sweetest scotch, fucked before the start, crashing over the rocks, shot from an old gun but you’re not done yet, you’re an Indie Romeo kissing King Juliet Whoever you are, I wanna know Whoever you are I wanna know Nervous of the evening But you can’t stay here People move in this city, they walk in their sleep Or they disappear There’s a crook of your collar Trying to take my life Well I went all in and I lost to the house So I guess it’s no longer mine You’re a coal-black dragon, I’m the dying blue pen, you’re delight in the moment, that at some age I’ll forget, shot from and old tale, how’d it go again, you’re an Indie Romeo kissing King Juliet Whoever you are I wanna know 4x

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