Future Radio – No One Else Will

Future Radio - No One Else Will - Indie Music Contest Spring 2023

Future Radio kicks off 2023 with a thundering rock anthem titled, "No One Else Will." This fast-paced and bold song centres around the theme that if you don't take a stand for yourself, nobody else will. The track begins with a thundering combination of drums and guitar, evoking the image of an army preparing for battle. Compositionally, the instruments in "No One Else Will" are fierce, impactful, and relentless. Johnny's vocals, in particular, are grittier and perfectly complement the song's message. The rhythm section deserves recognition for holding it all together while grooving at a rapid pace. Lyrically, the song encourages listeners to forge their own path and not give in to adversity. With 21K followers on Instagram, it's evident that Future Radio appeals to a wide audience. However, according to frontman Johnny Future, the focus for this release is on connecting with each person who has mustered the courage to stand their ground. In support of this aim, the band has initiated a pre-release campaign titled "What Lights the Fire in You?" where listeners can share their experiences and shed light on the central theme of the song, which revolves around fighting for one's beliefs. In the music video, Future Radio’s visual artist Drikus Roets expands the protagonist's vision through a clever maneuver when the character steals their evil twin's glasses to reveal a new perspective. "We're also bringing back our classic radio from Season 1, which you may have spotted in our recently released Act 15 of Season 2," Drikus says with a smile. The band prioritizes enhancing the quality of their music with each release. To accompany the single, ‘No One Else Will’, the band has planned an extensive prerelease campaign, including the release of a music video, followed by a lyric video, an acoustic version, and a live version. This will expand the song's exposure and impact. By showcasing their unique style and ingenuity in the industry, Future Radio creates more chances for fans to connect with their music. This is a band who truly does it like no one else will.

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