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For The Love Of Bands is an online magazine and indie music blog launched in 2016 by Roel Wensink, based in the Netherlands. The blog’s main focus is on independent music but also covers a variety of indie, upcoming and emerging bands and artists. The team consists of writers hailing from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and beyond.

The blog generally concentrates on the discovery of new music, mainly in the Indie, Rock, Folk, Singer-Songwriter, Punk, Reggae, Acoustic, Alternative, Americana, Garage, Shoegaze/Dream Pop, Ska, Surf genres.

The team consists of highly dedicated music lovers whose primary motivation is showcasing the best new indie music around.

Besides indie music reviews, the blog also covers music industry tips, playlists, YouTube compilations, interviews, monthly Indie Music Contests and, because of the Corona crisis, a COVID-19 Music Stream Calendar.

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Jive Talk’s latest single: “Wayside”; the kind of indie music goodness worthy of attention.

What first caught my ear about Jive Talk’s latest single, “Wayside” (out now on streaming platforms), was this infectious bass-driven backbeat. https://soundcloud.com/jivetalkband/wayside/s-klB9J0Oh3QF Snuggly placed between sweeping synths and Oliver Pierce’s poetic melodies, Ben Dunn’s R&B inspired bass line gets right to the head-bopping point. And then there’s Isaac Middleton; whose guitar homage to 70s funk…

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