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More than 120 Spotify playlist curators accepting submissions right now

Below you’ll find a massive and always growing list of Spotify playlist curators you can submit music to right now. If you’re still a bit unsure what the best method is, or still have other questions, read our ‘How To Get Your Music On More Spotify Playlists‘ first. This popular blog post contains valuable tips to grow as an artist on Spotify.  Use the directory below to submit to Spotify playlists. If you like what we do, consider buying us a coffee or beer 🙂

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How to get your music on more Spotify playlists?

Have you ever wondered why one artist has thousands of plays and you only get a dozen or so a month? When you want to be more successful on Spotify, getting your music featured on Spotify playlists is really important. But how do you find all those playlists? How do you contact playlist curators? How do you know which playlists end up adding you? These are all important questions that we’ll answer in this article.

How to get your music on more spotify playlists

Don’t want to do all the hard work yourself? Run a campaign with PlaylistPush using our affiliate link or use coupon code AGD5MHW for a 7.5% discount!

Why do we want to share our playlist directory with you?

Because we’ve gathered quite an extensive list of curators and it’s a shame to just keep this to ourselves and most importantly you deserve to get your music out there and gain new fans, followers and playlist placements. Make sure to save this to your favourites as we’ll be updating this blog post frequently.

Submission tracker

Keep track of your submissions with this helpful Spotify playlist submission tracker. Simply add playlists you’ve submitted music to including contact details and date of first contact. This way, you won’t have to do all the hard work again with your next release.

Follower count updated: February 2019

Some of these playlisters might have changed their tactics and ask for money now, before placement. Please let us know which one(s) by mailing Support.

PlaylistSearch‘s powerful search engine will help you select the right playlists. Each playlist from their database has contact information, a full analysis, historical data about followers and has been checked manually to make sure it has real listeners. Use our discount code fortheloveofbands, giving a 10% discount (valid for the lifetime of your subscription).

Playlist Name Curator Genre(s) Followers Submit
New Music For The Love Of BandsFor The Love Of Bands All genres 5,550 Via website
New Songs 2018Elmer Bermal All genres 19,525 Via e-mail
Klangspot PlaylistsKlangspot Many playlists 40,000 + Via website
Top Buzzsidekickmusic Various 14,806 Via website
Amazed by The MomentNariman Dastpak Acoustic, Ambient, Chill, Downtempo 47 Via website
Light Songs for Lazy SundaysNariman Dastpak Folk, Pop, Acoustic 2,873 Via website
Vibes of Blues, Jazz & Soul TribesNariman Dastpak Blues, Instrumental, Jazz, Soul 1,845 Via website
Music MedleyNariman Dastpak All genres 1,776 Via website
Rock & Metal BlockNariman Dastpak Alternative, Rock, Metal 1,932 Via website
#IndependentMusicMonday[PIAS] PlaylistsNew music 18,863 Via website
Shoegaze[PIAS] PlaylistsShoegaze 24,840 Via website or Facebook
Indie Workout[PIAS] PlaylistsUpbeat Indie 6,435 Via website or Facebook
Sounds of Indie RockIndie Castle Music Indie Rock 1,408 Via Tunemunk
Psychedelic SoulSound Of Us Soul 216 Via website
A Journey Into Female VocalistsSound Of Us Various 613 Via website
MySphera.comMySphera All genres N.A. Via website
Funk Yes, Disco NoSound Of Us Various 169 Via website
Various other playlistsSound Of Us Various - Via website
FRSH: New MusicMarkMyBlurbs Pop, all 280 Via E-mail
Rock: Fresh NoiseMarkMyBlurbs Rock, Metal, Pop Punk, Heavy Rock 3,564 Via E-mail
Selected: SoundplateSoundplate Various 7,316 Via website
Fresh BeatsSoundplate HipHop, TripHop, Electronica 8,560 Via website
Mood Lift: Happy Music!Soundplate Happy 4,418 Via website
Sunset HuntersSoundplate Mood 5,080 Via website
Love SongsIndiemono Various 261,342 Via website
Happy SongsIndiemono Various 46,241 Via website
SAD Music for Crying yourself to sleepIndiemono Various 368,217 Via website
New Indie / AlternativeIndiemono Indie, Alternative 11,510 Via website
New Music MondaysDitto Music Various 13,735 Via website
Digster (Universal)Digster Various playlists - Via website
EDM DailyDaily Playlists EDM 4,587 Via website
Pop DailyDaily Playlists Pop 4,019 Via website
Indie DailyDaily Playlists Indie 2,045 Via website
Hip Hop DailyDaily Playlists Hip Hop 3,772 Via website
Rock DailyDaily Playlists Rock 736 Via website
Kolibri MusicKolibri Music Various playlists - Via website
CloudKidCloudKid Various 83,878 Via Submithub
Songpickr: 2018 Best SongsSongpickr Various 132,761 Via Submithub
Fashion Store SoundsWorkHardPlaylistHard Electronic, Pop, Indie 10,866 Via Website
Fresh PicksWorkHardPlaylistHard Various 7,286 Via Website
Wine Bar GroovesWorkHardPlaylistHard Groovy, Funky, House 3,197 Via Website
This Playlist RocksWorkHardPlaylistHard Electronic 653 Via Website
Symphonic DistributionSymphonic Distribution Various - Via website
MusictoMusicto Moods - Via website
Top TrendingHigher Reign Various 444 Via website
New Music FridayPop Justice Various 7,448 Via website
2018% Solid Pop MusicPop Justice Pop 1,269 Via website
What’s PoppingIndie Mixtape Indie 60,382 Via website
Sunday ChillIndie Mixtape Relax, Chill 14,699 Via website
Indie UpliftIndie Mixtape Indie 10,066 Via website
Drive TimeIndie Mixtape Rock 10,377 Via website
100+ best new alternative & indie hitsTrackdiggers Indie, Alternative 364 Via Facebook
PoolsideSpinGrey Various 7,359 SpinBox
SundaySpinGrey Various 21,789 SpinBox
Dinner With FriendsSpinGrey Various 5,567 SpinBox
It’s LITSpinGrey Various 26,209 SpinBox
Lander's Top PicksLander PR Indie, Alt, Grunge, Rock 54 Via e-mail
Add This Music multiple playlistsaddthismusic Various - Via website
TheFreshTen: IndieTheFreshTen Indie 9,677 Via website
TheFreshTen: Sauce BossTheFreshTen Rap 10,271 Via website
TheFreshTen (many other playlists)TheFreshTen Various - Via website
Xune MagFresh Finds Various 4,759 Via website
TuneMunkTuneMunk Various playlists - Via website
Music Is Much MoreMusic_is_much_more Various playlists - Via website
Pop Punk / Punk RockWhat happened to your band Pop Punk, Punk Rock 119 Via submithub
Today's Top PicksPopFiltr Various 75,489 Via e-mail
Rocking IndiePopFiltr Indie Rock 25,369 Via e-mail
Indie HitsStereobeats Indie Rock 1,026 Via e-mail
Indie Bands of 2018BandRec Indie Pop, Indie Rock 689 Via Facebook
Why doesn't everyone know these songs?Luna Keller Various 57 Via e-mail
Buzz Tracks Buzz Tracks Various playlists Via e-mail
rainy days Katie Cline Various 33,000 Via online form
Just Great Music - 100% Good Mood Booster!Reat Kay Electronic, pop, indie 32,932 Via Facebook
Emo ThrowbackWe Are Triumphant Emo 14,948 Via website
Pop Punk EssentialsWe Are Triumphant Pop Punk 5,670 Via website
Spotify New Musicjlarome Various 1490 Via website
FBP Music PublishingFBP Various 542 Via submithub
THIS IS ROCKVictor Oliveira Rock 4419 Via Facebook
Pop RizingRizing Playlists Pop 1676 Via website
Rock RizingRizing Playlists Rock 1038 Via website
Press Play OKPressPLAY OK Various 441 Via e-mail
BREAKING Rock Artistseatinrecords Rock 197 Via website
JUKES FRITACAO #STREAMLindal Team Various 927 Via e-mail
Indie RampageKeith Sow Lin Spinney Indie 2312 Via e-mail
The SpotlightMark Vank Various 29812 Via e-mail
Ultimate Pop-Indie-RockSpotifnation Pop, Indie, Rock 6896 Via e-mail
Fresh Finds: Slay SelectsSlay Sonics Various 5199 Via e-mail
Make Money Not FriendsAbrax Phaeton Hip Hop, Rap 71122 Via e-mail
Headbangerz Weeklyheadbangerz.net Rock 2304 Via e-mail
Colours of MusicSoundevote Various 11623 Via e-mail
Take It From MeRayLee Johnson Various 5,327 Via e-mail
Best of INDIE ROCK 2019The Indie Folx Indie Rock 52250 Via e-mail
Best of INDIE POP 2019The Indie Folx Indie Pop 23561 Via e-mail
Best of INDIE FOLK 2019The Indie Folx Indie Folk 17065 Via e-mail
Best of INDIE RAP 2019The Indie Folx Indie Rap 16729 Via e-mail
Weekly Hits Melodic Music Various 11,077 Via e-mail
Morning CoffeeQRTR Various 1543 Via website
Alternative HitsQRTR Alternative 899 Via website
Around The BonfireQRTR Folk 1163 Via website
Fresh TunesQRTR Various 1654 Via website
Mood BoosterQRTR Various 1292 Via website
Perfect FocusQRTR Various 280 Via website
So IndieQRTR Indie 4906 Via website
QRTR DiscoveryQRTR Various 309 Via website
Ultimate Pop-Indie-Rock Spotifnation Pop, Indie, Rock 9557 Via e-mail
Rock MixKyle Macleod Rock 3771 Via Facebook
Gym Rock Music Gym Rock Music Rock 28518 Via e-mail
"Fraeni CrossFit Games"Fraeni Various 26198 Via e-mail
New Wave and Alternative Beats - Ones To WatchManifesto New Wave, Alternative 17057 Via website
Skiing and SnowboardingManifesto Various 24069 Via website
Thoughtful - Slow JamsManifesto Various 26889 Via website
Blue Ribbon 2019 Indie TrackerChris Ambrosino Various 102 Via ForTheLoveOfBands
Summer 2019 Hitsvipmusic-fr Various 59160 Via e-mail
INDIE 505INDIE 505 Indie 13,07 Via e-mail
Next GenKool Playlists Various 240 Via website
Perfect Soundtrackplaylist on top Various 5709 Via e-mail
Indie Hits Stereobeats Indie 1525 Via e-mail
DEUX-DEUXMany a Moon Various 515 Via e-mail
Pop Punk PerfectionHITS Pop Punk 187,61 Via e-mail
Rock SaluteHITS Rock 20,831 Via e-mail
Acoustic SkateHEADSICK Skate (Punk) 15,267 Via e-mail
Emo ThrowbackHEADSICK Emo 2,435 Via e-mail
Sub Pop SuggestsSub Pop Various 6,383 Via e-mail
Communion: Now PlayingCommunion Various 1,655 Via e-mail
Indie/Alternative TunesIndieAltTunes Indie, Alternative 16,800 Via e-mail
Songs White People Get Lit To30secondrock Rock, Punk, Indie 45,918 Via e-mail
Release Radar - New Releases 2019Dagger123 Various 19,000 Via website
Beach VibesCaltify MX Mood 3,434 Via Instagram
Pop TrendingExperience Music Group Pop 48,349 Via e-mail
New Pop Punk EssentialsGavin Bonar Pop Punk 475 Via e-mail
New Songs I'm Feelin' That You've Never HeardErez 'diwon' Safar Indie 691 Via e-mail
FRESH FINDS: Slay Selects Slay Selects New music 5,255 Via e-mail
Let The Music FlowJessica Fletcher Rap, Hip Hop, Dancehall 11 Via e-mail
Pibas Al frente (fb)Talia Rocio Jara Rock, Pop 118 Via e-mail
Heartbreak CitySteven Semeraro Roots Rock, Country, Americana 121 Via website
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