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How To Get Your Music On More Spotify Playlists

Including a massive list of 120 Spotify playlists and curators, so submit to Spotify playlists right now!

How to get your music on more spotify playlists Submit to Spotify playlists and become more successful

Have you ever wondered why one artist has thousands of plays and you only get a dozen or so a month? When you want to be more successful on Spotify, getting your music featured on Spotify playlists is really important. But how do you find all those playlists? How do you contact playlist curators? How do you know which playlists end up adding you? These are all important questions that we’ll answer in this article. Including a massive list of 120 Spotify playlists and curators, so submit to Spotify playlists right now!

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The basics

Get verified on Spotify

If you haven’t already, join Spotify for Artists. You used to have 250 or more followers in order to get verified but Spotify has made it easier. When you’re verified, you are in control of your profile on Spotify and you’re able to add and update your image, feature tracks and playlists you’re into right now. A cool website and app to track your listeners and followers, show featured playlists and see which playlists feature your music.

Set up Spotify profile

After you received the good news of being verified, add a profile image. Start networking and gain more followers. Why more followers? Because, for example, every Friday Spotify releases a new Release Radar with up to two hours of new releases from artists they follow and listen to. As more people start listening to your music, you’re also more likely to appear in Discover Weekly. When listeners like your music, they will add it to their personal favourites and saves and Spotify uses this information to learn more about listening habits and provide other listeners with music they think they will like.

Create Spotify playlists yourself

Now you’re verified and have set up the basics of your profile, it’s time to take it to the next level. Firstly, create a playlist containing all of your releases. For example BAND NAME // RELEASES // GENRE. Secondly, create a playlist with your biggest influences and tracks by emerging artists and include a track or two from yourself as well. Set this playlist as ‘Artist Pick’ via Spotify for Artists’ control panel. Promote this playlist on social media as well and tag the artists on it. Last but not least create a collaborative playlist to collaborate and team up with fans and other bands. Collaborative playlists are a great way of driving more traffic to your profile and tracks. Of course, use your network and social media accounts to promote your playlists. When people add tracks to your collaborative playlist(s), do actually listen to these tracks. If you like other people’s tracks, let them know!

How to find and approach Spotify curators

Gather contacts

There are over 2 billion playlists on Spotify. With that, as we mentioned before, it’s important to get your music on as many of them as you can find. You might think that it’s imperative to get your latest release on big Spotify curated playlists. But there are so many more large playlists that are easier to contact. Besides big industry curated playlists by Topsify (Warner), Filt (Sony) and Digster (Warner), there are many playlists to find curated by blogs and people like you and me, just because they like music. But how do you find these playlists?

Spotify and Facebook

Many curators have connected their Spotify account to Facebook. That way it’s easy to contact these curators. First, think of all the playlist (titles) that would want your music. For example, if you have just released a new track search for ‘New Music’ or ‘New Songs’. Click ‘Playlists’ and find the ones you like. Listen to (or skip through) a couple of tracks to see if your music matches the curator’s taste. If you have found a playlist you think would add you, try to find contact information. Sometimes a curator adds contact information in the description, but more often than not you have to try a bit harder. Click on the curator’s name and check the profile picture. Now go to Facebook and type in the exact same name. Most of the time their Facebook profile shows the same picture as the curator’s on Spotify and you know you have the correct one. We will go into more detail on the next step – Pitch your music – later.

Use SpotOnTrack or Chartmetric to find important playlists and data


If you haven’t heard of SpotOnTrack before, sign up. SpotOnTrack is an incredible and awesome tool to see all playlists that are supporting your music. You can check artists, playlists, curators, playlist ranking and curator ranking.

Spot on Track is a tool you need to track the SPOTIFY charts and monitor playlists easily. Don’t miss a single move from your favorite artists tracks and albums. Get to know what the world is listening to right now!

Check everything SpotOnTrack can do for you HERE.

I’m really glad Spotify reintroduced the ‘Discovered on …’ function again (they disabled it a couple of years ago) and even included playlists with less than 25 listeners (that used to be a thing). You can check similar artists’ profile and check which playlists (top 5) they’re on. I also strongly suggest using SpotOnTrack or Chartmetric (see below).

Besides checking which playlists include your music, it’s a great tool to discover new playlists. To do so, think of an artist that is similar to you. After you have found the artist you are were looking for, Check a few tracks to see which playlists it’s on’.  There may be hundreds of playlists featuring the artist, or a dozen, depending on the artist. Also browse through the ‘previously in’ section, as there might be some good playlists there as well. Pick a playlist and check when it was last updated, as playlists that have been updated 4 years ago won’t be taking your submission (in most cases).

When you want to give it a go, right-click the ‘Go to Spotify’ green bar. Select copy and paste in your Spotify desktop app. Try to locate the curator, see if he or she takes submissions and proceed according to what we’ve discussed in 2.1.


Another cool platform is Chartmetric. While SpotOnTrack only has a premium subscription, Chartmetric has a free version too.

Music is more omnipresent than ever. People consume music without borders, and interact with artists across so many different channels. Everything is changing, and we are dealing with more data than ever in music history. Chartmetric is here to simplify the digital music landscape. We bring you the latest data from dozens of platforms and connect it, so you can focus on spotting trends and gathering insights.
From one simple-to-use dashboard, track your audience across the entire digital spectrum and unlock powerful analytics to amplify your reach.

Explore all this and more at


MySphera connects micro-influencers and new music with a focus on independent Spotify playlist curators. In their own words:

The matchmaker between your music and tastemakers.


You have an option to let MySphera do all the work for $20 or do it yourself. There are quite a lot of curators you can contact via MySpera so good luck!


Pitch your Music

After you have located the curator’s contact details, proceed with caution. Prior to making contact, follow the playlist, play a few tracks and start your conversation with the curator by telling what you think of the playlist. Start with a friendly relationship and tell about your project in a few lines and suggest it for their playlist. Why does the curator want you on the playlist? Be patient and make sure you aren’t too pushy. Begging or demanding won’t get you anywhere.

Keep track of your submissions

Keep track of the playlists you’ve found and curator’s you’ve contacted. It’s best to use an Excel sheet. We’ve created one for you to use. Click the link below the image to download.

Spotify submission tracker

Start entering all the playlists you’ve found, along with contact information. If you have been able to make contact with a curator, enter how you made contact and if you had any luck and was added to the playlist. Ps. If you’re contacting blogs for reviews or features, use the same sheet and alter it a bit to your liking.

Calculate streaming royalty

Your music was added to a lot of playlists and your streams have increased? Great! Estimate your earnings with this ‘Streaming Royalty Calculator’.

Submit to official Spotify editorial playlists

Spotify has introduced an awesome new feature, giving artists and labels an opportunity to submit unreleased music directly to Spotify’s editorial team for playlist consideration. Why this is awesome? Because you now have a bigger chance of getting featured on many official New Music playlists.

Click the image to read Spotify’s announcement post about this

How to submit to Spotify’s editorial team

Simply log into your Spotify for Artists account or, if you work at a label, head over to Spotify Analytics. There, you’ll have the option of selecting one unreleased song for playlist consideration and submitting it to our team. It’s important to give us as much information about the track as possible — genre, mood, and other data points all help us make decisions about where it may fit. You can note the instruments on it, whether it’s a cover, and the cultures you or the song belong to. The data you share will be complemented by what we already know about you — what else your fans listen to, what other playlists you’ve appeared on, etc.


Spotify curates many playlists, not every playlist is as big as New Music Friday but still, a great way to gain new (potential) fans! Almost every country in the world has an official New Music Spotify playlist and the better your track performs there, the better your chances of moving up Spotify’s ladder. The fewer people skip your track in a playlist, the higher your track is ranked. That’s another reason to submit to playlists suitable for your niche. Expect people to skip your Alternative Rock track on a (mostly) Hip Hop orientated playlist. Now, let’s take a look at this list of playlists we’ve collected below.

Spotify playlist curators who accept submissions right now

Below you’ll find a massive list of Spotify playlists, including ways to contact them. We’ll update this Spotify playlist directory regularly. Click the links, submit, use the Excel sheet to know how and when you submitted and us Spotify for Artists or SpotOnTrack to see whether you’ve been added! Were you added to a playlist? Be nice to the curator, other artists and yourself and share the playlist on social media!

Want to get your Spotify playlist listed below?  Click here!

Some of these playlisters might have changed their tactics and ask for money now, before placement. Please let us know which one(s) by mailing Support.

Follower count updated: February 2019

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Playlist NameCuratorGenre(s)FollowersSubmit
New Music For The Love Of BandsFor The Love Of BandsAll genres5,550Via website
New Songs 2018Elmer BermalAll genres19,525Via e-mail
Klangspot PlaylistsKlangspotMany playlists40,000 +Via website
Top BuzzsidekickmusicVarious14,806Via website
Amazed by The MomentNariman DastpakAcoustic, Ambient, Chill, Downtempo47Via website
Light Songs for Lazy SundaysNariman DastpakFolk, Pop, Acoustic2,873Via website
Vibes of Blues, Jazz & Soul TribesNariman DastpakBlues, Instrumental, Jazz, Soul1,845Via website
Music MedleyNariman DastpakAll genres1,776Via website
Rock & Metal BlockNariman DastpakAlternative, Rock, Metal1,932Via website
#IndependentMusicMonday[PIAS] PlaylistsNew music18,863Via website
Shoegaze[PIAS] PlaylistsShoegaze24,840Via website or Facebook
Indie Workout[PIAS] PlaylistsUpbeat Indie6,435Via website or Facebook
Sounds of Indie RockIndie Castle MusicIndie Rock1,408Via Tunemunk
Psychedelic SoulSound Of UsSoul216Via website
A Journey Into Female VocalistsSound Of UsVarious613Via website
MySphera.comMySpheraAll genresN.A.Via website
Funk Yes, Disco NoSound Of UsVarious169Via website
Various other playlistsSound Of UsVarious-Via website
FRSH: New MusicMarkMyBlurbsPop, all280Via E-mail
Rock: Fresh NoiseMarkMyBlurbsRock, Metal, Pop Punk, Heavy Rock3,564Via E-mail
Selected: SoundplateSoundplateVarious7,316Via website
Fresh BeatsSoundplateHipHop, TripHop, Electronica8,560Via website
Mood Lift: Happy Music!SoundplateHappy4,418Via website
Sunset HuntersSoundplateMood5,080Via website
Love SongsIndiemonoVarious261,342Via website
Happy SongsIndiemonoVarious46,241Via website
SAD Music for Crying yourself to sleepIndiemonoVarious368,217Via website
New Indie / AlternativeIndiemonoIndie, Alternative11,510Via website
New Music MondaysDitto MusicVarious13,735Via website
Digster (Universal)DigsterVarious playlists-Via website
EDM DailyDaily PlaylistsEDM4,587Via website
Pop DailyDaily PlaylistsPop4,019Via website
Indie DailyDaily PlaylistsIndie2,045Via website
Hip Hop DailyDaily PlaylistsHip Hop3,772Via website
Rock DailyDaily PlaylistsRock736Via website
Kolibri MusicKolibri MusicVarious playlists-Via website
CloudKidCloudKidVarious83,878Via Submithub
Songpickr: 2018 Best SongsSongpickrVarious132,761Via Submithub
Fashion Store SoundsWorkHardPlaylistHardElectronic, Pop, Indie10,866Via Website
Fresh PicksWorkHardPlaylistHardVarious7,286Via Website
Wine Bar GroovesWorkHardPlaylistHardGroovy, Funky, House3,197Via Website
This Playlist RocksWorkHardPlaylistHardElectronic653Via Website
Symphonic DistributionSymphonic DistributionVarious-Via website
MusictoMusictoMoods-Via website
Top TrendingHigher ReignVarious444Via website
New Music FridayPop JusticeVarious7,448Via website
2018% Solid Pop MusicPop JusticePop1,269Via website
What’s PoppingIndie MixtapeIndie60,382Via website
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Indie UpliftIndie MixtapeIndie10,066Via website
Drive TimeIndie MixtapeRock10,377Via website
100+ best new alternative & indie hitsTrackdiggersIndie, Alternative364Via Facebook
Dinner With FriendsSpinGreyVarious5,567SpinBox
It’s LITSpinGreyVarious26,209SpinBox
Lander's Top PicksLander PRIndie, Alt, Grunge, Rock54Via e-mail
Add This Music multiple playlistsaddthismusicVarious-Via website
TheFreshTen: IndieTheFreshTenIndie9,677Via website
TheFreshTen: Sauce BossTheFreshTenRap10,271Via website
TheFreshTen (many other playlists)TheFreshTenVarious-Via website
Xune MagFresh FindsVarious4,759Via website
TuneMunkTuneMunkVarious playlists-Via website
Music Is Much MoreMusic_is_much_moreVarious playlists-Via website
Pop Punk / Punk RockWhat happened to your bandPop Punk, Punk Rock119Via submithub
Today's Top PicksPopFiltrVarious75,489Via e-mail
Rocking IndiePopFiltrIndie Rock25,369Via e-mail
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Indie Bands of 2018BandRecIndie Pop, Indie Rock689Via Facebook
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Buzz Tracks Buzz TracksVarious playlistsVia e-mail
rainy days Katie ClineVarious33,000Via online form
Just Great Music - 100% Good Mood Booster!Reat KayElectronic, pop, indie32,932Via Facebook
Emo ThrowbackWe Are TriumphantEmo14,948Via website
Pop Punk EssentialsWe Are TriumphantPop Punk5,670Via website
Spotify New MusicjlaromeVarious1490Via website
FBP Music PublishingFBPVarious542Via submithub
THIS IS ROCKVictor OliveiraRock4419Via Facebook
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Rock RizingRizing PlaylistsRock1038Via website
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Best of INDIE ROCK 2019The Indie FolxIndie Rock52250Via e-mail
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Best of INDIE FOLK 2019The Indie FolxIndie Folk17065Via e-mail
Best of INDIE RAP 2019The Indie FolxIndie Rap16729Via e-mail
Weekly Hits Melodic MusicVarious11,077Via e-mail
Morning CoffeeQRTRVarious1543Via website
Alternative HitsQRTRAlternative899Via website
Around The BonfireQRTRFolk1163Via website
Fresh TunesQRTRVarious1654Via website
Mood BoosterQRTRVarious1292Via website
Perfect FocusQRTRVarious280Via website
So IndieQRTRIndie4906Via website
QRTR DiscoveryQRTRVarious309Via website
Ultimate Pop-Indie-Rock SpotifnationPop, Indie, Rock9557Via e-mail
Rock MixKyle MacleodRock3771Via Facebook
Gym Rock Music Gym Rock MusicRock28518Via e-mail
"Fraeni CrossFit Games"FraeniVarious26198Via e-mail
New Wave and Alternative Beats - Ones To WatchManifestoNew Wave, Alternative17057Via website
Skiing and SnowboardingManifestoVarious24069Via website
Thoughtful - Slow JamsManifestoVarious26889Via website
Blue Ribbon 2019 Indie TrackerChris AmbrosinoVarious102Via ForTheLoveOfBands
Summer 2019 Hitsvipmusic-frVarious59160Via e-mail
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Collaborative playlists you can add your music to

Collaborative playlists are a great way to connect with other musicians and are very easy to create. It’s also an easy way of getting your music out there for anyone to enjoy, since you do the curating collaboratively. Remember you created one earlier at 3.3? Simply follow the playlists you see below and add your track(s). Remember to check how many songs are appropriate, if the playlist has the theme or only one genre. This differs per playlist.

Music by Friends and Followers CD Baby Mixtape Unsigned Artists Spotlight – the best music you’ve never heard (all genres) Collaborative Spotify Playlist SHARE YOUR SONG WITH ME Collaborative playlist MerkThe Indie Discovery List Lets make a party Hidden & Forgotten Gems Musical Artizan – indie songs Alternative Rock Share your own originals and your greatest inspirations Great Music Mix Add Your Song Of The Week! Spotify Collaborative Playlist #1

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