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Submission FAQ


We’re open to many genres and have various playlists featuring those. We don’t feature Hip Hop, Rap, RnB, House, Techno (and related).

E-mail and tell us what’s up!

We try to listen to all regular submissions. Because of the volume of submissions, we simply can’t listen to all submissions, let alone respond to them. We try to e-mail all artists that are accepted on one of our playlists with the good news though.

Currently the PayPal integration doesn’t allow us to redirect to our website when successfully submitted and donated. When you’re redirected to PayPal, we already got your submission 😊 So there’s nothing to worry about.

All review submissions end up in a shared Dropbox folder that we share with all contributors. Every contributor picks his/her next writing project from there.

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  • New Music: not older than three months
  • 90 Minutes Rising Indie Mixtape: not older than three months
  • Indie Music 2019: released after November 2018
  • NEW ROCK For Hefty Folks: Not older than three months

We’re looking for Alternative, Indie, Indie Pop, Rock, Folk, Country and anything in between. No Hip Hop, Rap, Heavy Metal, Grime or R&B though.

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