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Lucid Hoops Diviner

Diviner by Lucid Hoops – a non-stop journey through an exciting and compelling brand of indie and punk rock

The Lucid Hoops have become known down under for their electrically charged, charismatic live shows that drag and...

Press Release

Sam Gifford Releases Debut single “Something Else”

"Something Else" can be seen as a reflection of my own life and my own insecurities, thinking back to a time that I let fear prevent me from singing in public. In likening to that story, this song is about the risks worth taking, and how perhaps a risk for who and what you love may not be a risk at all. Talking about the changes we are capable of making and the moments we are capable of seizing. Time waits for no man, Do we live a life where our hopes remain hopes or do we choose Something Else? - Sam Gifford

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