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Submit your track to us using the form below. After selecting, you’ll be redirected to PayPal to donate $2.50 (or more) and skip the submit queue and get a guaranteed response within 168 hours (one week). Using this option doesn’t mean we’re adding your track, simply we’re going to listen to yours first.

Find our playlists HERE. Please check (and listen to) the playlists before submitting so you’ll get a feel of the playlist’s niche/genre/mood.

We’re using these fees to promote the playlists to an even bigger audience and grow as a platform. 

NB. please check your ‘spam’ inbox too, as our replies sometimes end up there. When you’re redirected to PayPal, we have successfully received your submission. You will not be redirected back to automatically.

Make sure both band name and track title are spelt correctly, as the information you put in here is used to send them to a private Spotify playlist queue from which we listen to submissions.
Please note tracks submitted to New Music, NEW ROCK and 90 Minutes Rising Indie can't be older than 3 months at the time of submitting.

We don't feature hip hop, rap or house music (and related) on our playlists. Check the FAQ for more information.
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