Lou Patty – EP review

Yes, this EP teeters on badassery for lack of a better term, but there’s much more under the hood as you listen time and time again. 

Dutch band, Lou Patty releases their 3rd EP and after some research of their first two, it’s quite a departure. Melodies are replacing hip-hop style vocals, poetically-infused lyrics abound, compelling chord changes and stellar production value make this release border on heavy progressive/art rock rather than the former.

But, I digress; what’s here in this EP is four unique tracks that meld into one cohesive work careening down the rock n roll roadway, kissing the guardrails of so many styles and genres along the way. There are moments of Rage, Prodigy and 311 throughout the journey. Stops at Tool, Primus, Zappa, et al.  Yes, this EP teeters on badassery for lack of a better term, but there’s much more under the hood as you listen time and time again.  The synth layers, compressed guitar tone of bygone days, syncopated rhythms make this EP a trip down memory lane as well as an ambassador of the au courant.

The EP opens with the single, Hostile which has well-placed synth and almost pretty organ tones in-between pogo-sticking, festival-attending, impropriety.

Kings and Servants, is the Highway Star of the Dutch, I’m convinced. It tips the hat to guitar gods of the past while beckoning a speeding ticket from your local PD!

Minute of Peace and all its social consciousness is probably my favorite track on the EP. It’s eerie at times, beautiful in others and always powerful and convincing. The song is well-constructed and dynamic, a great piece of writing and arranging.

Molly Ray, the track that closes the EP is soulful, bluesy, funky and almost Sly Stone or Lenny Kravitz in many ways. It’s the track that doesn’t “belong” on the EP, but Lou Patty ensures us of its decision, their stamp is on it, all over it in fact, further proving this band can fold any sound or genre into their batter.

Hopefully, we’ll see this band stateside soon. A welcome addition to any music collection.

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