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Jeremy Crowe’s New EP, “Colors” Available March 30th

Athens, GA artist Jeremy Crowe’s upcoming EP release includes a unique list of tracks ranging from driving rock to vibrant blues. The album, “Colors” is set to be released on 3/30.

Colors was created with the idea to not leave any tracks unfinished. He took a very minimalistic approach to the album with only one goal. During one week’s time, he would write, record, mix, and master as many tracks as possible and release everything to the public.

Listen to Jeremy Crowe’s previous single ‘Running Wild’ below

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the authorJeremy Crowe
Jeremy Crowe loves working with music both on the creative and production side. Growing up, he always found music came easy to him and finding new ways to create music became one of his biggest passions. He focuses on connecting with composition you can feel and lyrics you can relate to.

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