Ear Plugs in Modern Music

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Ear plugs are quite a fashion statement and have appeared in the ears of some of our favourite and most well-known musicians. Some of these may be people whose music you have heard. In this list, we will tell you a little bit about each and what they are known for.

Maybe you’ve heard of them!

1.  Kehlani

The American singer and songwriter, who is well known for her songs “Gangsta” from the film Suicide Squad and “Good Thing” from her self-titled album, has recently been spotted sporting huge hoops in her extended ears.

Even if her stretch size isn’t that enormous (she’s still making it work! ), she’s regularly spotted with ear tunnels and loves ear weights since she’s often shown with larger pieces.

2. Phil Bozeman

The band’s lead singer Back in 2015, Whitechapel, an American deathcore band, had large extended ears and wore massive gauges before deciding to decrease and finally quit wearing them. His stretched earlobes didn’t heal independently, and he ended up with a blowout, so he had to get restorative surgery to seal them, which he discussed in one of his YouTube videos.

3. Melanie Martinez

The American singer, actress, and filmmaker had major success after beginning her career as a contestant on The Voice and subsequently continuing to work on her solo material.

She is most known now for her album “Crybaby” and the song “Play Date,” She enjoys alternative clothes, piercings, and making bold jewellery statements. It’s no surprise that she has huge ear stretches, which she flaunts with heart-shaped ear weights and various bright plugs, tapers, and tunnels on a routine basis.

4. T-Pain

Known for his singles “Buy U a Drank” and “Best Love Song,” the American rapper, R&B singer, composer, and streamer is frequently seen with tunnels in his stretched earlobes.

Compared to his distinctive chains, the tunnels began reasonably modestly, but he appears to have expanded his stretch recently, as new photos show them looking a little bigger. If he decides to quit wearing them, he’ll most likely be able to shrink back to his regular size.

5. Yasmine Yousaf

Yasmine Yousaf is a Pakistani-American rapper, singer, and composer who is one of Krewella’s two female members; her sister Jahan Yousaf is the other. Her ethnic background is half Pakistani, a quarter German, and a quarter Lithuanian. Yasmine is a versatile performer who contributes to both the voice and the music. Yasmine Yousaf has earlobes that are at least a half-inch extended.

6. Stefanie Heinzmann

In addition to being a coach on The Voice of Switzerland, the Swiss TV personality and pop singer has charted in the top ten in Austria and Germany. She’s most known for her songs “Diggin’ in the Dirt” and “My Man is a Mean Man,” She has a killer style with her all-black earplugs that are always visible owing to her super-short hairdo. 

7. Lil Wayne

Lil’ Wayne, an American rapper and producer, is one of his genre’s most prominent performers and is still recording music. He’s had ear stretches in one of his ears for a long time, but he can’t fully stretch his left ear since it’s been cut or injured. That’s probably why he keeps the gauge on his right ear tiny, yet he still styles it out!

8. Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert rose to stardom after participating in the contest American Idol in 2009, selling millions of CDs and performing with the band Queen ever since. He enjoys flaunting his ear gauges onstage and on his social media pages, switching between macho and feminine looks as he pleases.

9. Carah Faye Charnow

Carah Faye Charnow is an American singer and songwriter born in Santa Barbara, California, on August 3, 1984. She is the frontwoman of Versant and the female vocalist of Shiny Toy Guns (2004–2008, 2011–present).

Carah Faye Charnow frequently wears hoop earrings through her extended ear lobes and a flat-top stud in her tragus piercing.

Final Thoughts

Whether you follow in the footsteps of many of the superstars on this list or not, there is one thing they have taught us throughout the years: errors are inevitable. You’ll suffer blowouts or have problems returning to your original size if you stretch too much or too rapidly.

So if you’re considering ear stretching and plugs as part of your style, ensure you get advice in advance, and consult with an expert to avoid any potential problems. You can access more industry tips here to help you on your way to stardom!

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