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Use this form if you want us to feature one of your tracks on our monthly YouTube playlists. By submitting this form, you also give us the right to use your music in the playlist. Therefore, we kindly ask you to read the section at the bottom and sign your submission so we know we can use your track. You can either select the Indie/Folk/Pop or Indie/Rock/Alternative playlist.

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Please note that we'll consider recently released music only. Max 3 months old at the time of submitting.
Go to and find a royalty-free photo that portraits and/or accompanies your track well. If we feature your track, we'll use this in the YouTube compilation as background. Simply search, find a photo you like, click on it and copy the URL and paste it here.
Visit our YouTube channel (opens in new window), listen to our compilations, share one of our previous compilations and comment on one. Add links to your actions below.
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And now the boring part, we have to have your consent ... By submitting this form, you declare that you're the rightful representative and that we can use your song on one of our upcoming YouTube playlists.
as the master-rights holder and/or acting on behalf of the legal entity
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In this capacity, I hereby provide to ForTheLoveOfBands (YouTube channel) a non-exclusive limited and perpetual permission, right, consent, and royalty-free license worldwide to host, publicly broadcast, stream, monetize, promote, synchronize to a visual work, and dispute any/all conflicting ownership or third-party claim of the track ("Permissions") uploaded to ForTheLoveOfBands’ YouTube channel. These aforementioned Permissions will only be applicable on ForTheLoveOfBands’ YouTube channel as outlined in the prior sentence, and cannot be enforced outside of this Channel.
The Provider warrants and guarantees, through execution of this permission agreement that, it:
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