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An Exclusive Interview with Rare Phantom: Inside the Music and Mind

Rare Phantom

Rare Phantom is an artist who defies easy categorization, emerging from the shadows of alternative music with a persona as mysterious and alluring as his name suggests. From his base in South Florida, Rare Phantom has crafted a sonic experience that serves as an escape and a deep dive into self-expression. Here, he opens up about his music, inspirations, and the unique space he occupies in the music world.

Where do you come from?

I hail from the Boston, MA area and currently reside in the South Florida area. My love for escapism and self-expression is what brought me here. Each song is a unique universe that can be experienced, similar to a high from a substance. Music is a safer alternative of escapism, as opposed to illicit drugs. Music has saved my life, and without it, I’m honestly not sure if I would be here today.

Tell us about one of your tracks

Okay yeah, so Betrayed Again, my newest release, is a dreamy sonic experience characterized by swirling guitars, ethereal vocals, and layers of sound that builds gradually, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere that invites the listener to get lost in its textures and melodies.

How could you describe your music?

My music is a unique, immersive experience. Each song is created as its own unique universe for the listener to be able to express themselves through. Instead of my listeners feeling as if they are dealing with their emotions alone, my music offers a familiar emotional cushion to express themself through, in hopes of bringing them closer to other-like minds.

Why did you choose this artist name? Is there a meaning, a secret or a twisted side?

The reason behind the artist name is to express my unique character as an individual entity. The Rare part of the name, being just that. Embracing the fact that I myself, am a 1 of 1 person that can’t be replicated. The Phantom part of the name not only expresses my complexion as a human being but embodies my quiet yet mysterious demeanour. Less is more is an ideology I align with when it comes to speech, I prefer my art to speak for me. Often I am observant and quiet, like a ghost, but am always present in the moment. My energy is eternal and will last forever, even when my physical form expires.

Rare Phantom

What made you want to become a musician?

My love for the art of music, and how it has positively affected me is what led me to becoming a musician. Music has saved my life in many cases, it has been the most positive outlet for me to express and deal with my emotions. As a token of my gratitude, I offer my own music to the world in hopes of providing the same value it has done for me throughout my life.

Describe your creative process when you write new music

My creative process is very natural and authentic, often spur of the moment. When I experience any form of art, it may spark the creative flame inside of me to also create something of my own. It is hard to go a day without satisfying the creative urge inside of me, whether it be through music or any other emotionally connected endeavour.

What is your main inspiration?

My main inspiration is my community and audience. I want to be able to provide the highest degree of positive value for them, it is my sworn duty to do so in exchange for their time and attention. I also want to inspire the youth, including my younger self to show it is possible to become what you want if you set your mind to it.

What is one message that you would like to give to your fans?

You can do it too. I never imagined myself being the musical creative I am, but it was simply a decision I made for myself. You can be whatever you want to be in this life if your heart is truly in it. With enough consistency and determination, you can be whatever you want to be in this life.

How would you describe your fans?

My fans are everyone, everywhere, and they can’t be defined or put into a box. I am for everyone, the average person, but also for the most obscure outcasts that walk this earth. Deep down at our core, as human beings, we are all very similar and are connected. My music is the bridge to help bring us together to find common ground.

Do you create for yourself or for your fans?

I create for both my fans and myself, but my fans first. I have created music long before having any fans, but in exchange for their time and attention, I want to give back and provide the best possible art/experience for them to enjoy.

Who do you see as your main competitor?

My main competitor is myself. Each piece of art I create is a challenge to make whatever it may be, better than the last. As I grow and improve as an artist, I am able to look back on my past work. Instead of being embarrassed and trying to hide all past projects I may not be as proud of as when I initially released each, I am able to look back and see how far I have come as my dreams come into fruition in real-time, and how much I have improved as not only an artist but as an individual.

What colour(s) would your music be like for people who suffer from synaesthesia?

The production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body like seeing colours for sound or words.

My music as colors would be Red, black, grey, white, and blue. The red being the passion and deep emotion connected to each piece of work. Black being dark, yet neutral and found in many objects we see each and every day. Black is smooth, clean, yet dark, attributes that tend to be expressed often in a lot of my music Grey being the darker, and more gloomy emotions we all inevitably feel when we aren’t feeling our best. White being the light that shines through after the dark subsides. Blue being the sad, opposite of red that we feel when we are more relaxed, as opposed to angry and on edge.

Rare Phantom

What is it you would like people to do while listening to your song?

I would like people to do whatever is the most comfortable for them when listening to my music. When watching a movie, it is the most ideal to be in a comfy chair and position for the best viewing experience. I would like my listeners to do the same for the best listening experience, however, and wherever that may be. Ideally, I would like people to tailor each song to them, also like a theme song, to be experienced uniquely

What are you known for?

Not being able to be defined by my image alone. Rare Phantom is an entity that is me but is also everyone. I am just being myself, it is the only person I know how to be, I am told that alone is what I am remembered the most for. Being a unique, one-of-a-kind individual is most important to me, it is also what helps inspire me to be the artist I am.

What type of musician would you prefer to collaborate with?

I would prefer to collaborate with any artist that feels as if they are in a moment in time in their life, and physically in a peaceful space to create. I want any collaborative project I take on with any artist to be an enjoyable, memorable experience for them. Being able to give an artist the reigns to be as creative as they want, even on a project of mine, is one of the simple pleasures of being an artist. I want to be able to provide a safe space to be creative in any aspect, for any artist. There is no limit or boundary to who I can be creative with, any race, gender, age, walk of life. As long as the musician is excited to create, and can feel as free as they can to express themself, they would be who I would be interested in working with the most. My goal is to create the most unique, immersive art my mind is capable of, and the last thing I would want is a collaborator to feel as if they are just doing a “job” for me.

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