The Voluntears – Oh Hello!

?So you and your friends are spending another evening peeling the label from your beer bottle and wondering where all the great live music has gone?

The Voluntears from Newcastle U.K. are the band you want taking the stage; you might even end up balancing on the rungs of your barstool.

High energy old school meets modern indie wit and charm, their single, ‘Oh Hello’ is at the forefront of taking modern pop and sonically reintroducing what a gutsy rock band should sound like from the bottom up.

‘Oh Hello’, from a songwriting perspective is a sing-a-loud, 4-minute insight regarding a misplaced phone call. What is not misplaced is expert production, crafty guitar tones (especially the solo) an earnest lead vocal and a rhythm section that is tighter than any of the great bassist/drummer combos of yester-year. ‘Oh Hello’ is definitely worth the bandwidth if you’re trying to get a new song stuck in your head to replace the tired one you woke up with this morning.

?Try ‘Oh Hello’ in place of that afternoon latte. Definitely for fans of Green Day, Fun, Vampire Weekend and Against Me. The Voluntears can be found slugging it out locally and regionally in the northeast of England.

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