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The Arañads – Time To Go Away

The Arañads are from Belgium, no wait, come back! It’s ok, they’re actually rather fabulous.

This jangly four-piece of brothers and cousins have crafted a charming pop song with shades of The Shins and the Lightening Seeds.

Time To Go Away is the lead track from the album, Everything is Numbered, which is a real progression from their earlier material. Older stuff has them singing in French with a folk sound and it’s not too far removed from Flight of the Concords. However, the new stuff has some more contemporary instrumentation and a shiny, poptastic production.

The Arañads do that slightly wonderful thing of not always getting it quite right in a second language but, “nipping on a glass of wine,” and, “sing-a-ling-a-long,” are examples of how this band can be sweetly naive, and this only adds to their charm. The hooks don’t grab you right away, there’s no killer riff or instant earworm here, but repeated listens reveal a grab-bag of lovely vocal and instrumental melodies to keep pulling you back in.

There is lots to love about The Arañads so give them a spin.


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