Counter the Eulogy – Nightmare Visions

As a Canadian, I was brought up on Rush, and lived through a memorable endless sunny high school summer when April Wine’s “Sign of the Gypsy Queen” was on the radio every hour. Rock, for a bit, had been allowed to break out of the prescribed sub-3 minute straightjacket blues framework. Songs could develop, rather than be compressed. Lyrics didn’t have to be lightweight and banal. Life was good, though maybe that was just the high school summer talking.

Fast forward a few years and Counter the Eulogy’s Nightmare Visions offers a Trump-timely view of an impending apocalypse. All the characters seem to be on the run from and to, their impending doom. “The kingdom of humanity is rotting day by day”, and “common sense is all long gone.” When bands write in a 2nd language (Scorpions come to mind), some of the word choices are not always the strongest, but the powerful music, dynamics and transitions overcome these slight shortcomings.

Based in Austria, Counter the Eulogy is made up of:

MARKUS ORTHABER: Vocals and lyrics
STEFAN SCHAFFER: Lead guitar and backing vocals

Nightmare Visions is expansive, flowing from one section to another. The lyrics certainly aren’t lightweight or banal. But life isn’t good in this nightmare, and I don’t think the song’s characters will have any more endless sunny high school summers on their horizon. Or summers. Or even a horizon. Check out this song to see if  Counter the Eulogy’s Nightmare Visions matches your own forecast of dystopia.
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