Waves Of Joy – Conversations

Hamburger-based band Waves Of Joy have released their new single ‘Conversations’ on September 15th. Leaving the Folk- and Indie-Rock of their first EP “Days of Value” behind, they have really defined and developed their own sound

It’s really difficult to jump out as an Indie Rock band nowadays since more and more appear on the surface. Waves Of Joy have progressed and evolved their own style of Psychedelic Rock. “Conversation” is packed with rhythmic, driving beats, exciting and original guitars and creative, smooth keys. The vocal performance of singer Chris is also notable as his voice remains solid, distinctive and edgy throughout the track and displays prowess in range.

Waves Of Joy have already shared the stage with bands like Manic Street Preachers and I see them continue doing so. “Conversations” is a well-structured tightly-knit track that should be on any (Indie) Rock playlist. Stay tuned for their new EP “Veil” which will be released through Le Papaguy early October.
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