ROCKtober 2018 ?? #NewMusicWednesday | Updated October 17th, 2018

New adds: Reel Big Fish, MXPX, Big Mother Gig, Against Me and many more!

Last week we started curating the ROCKtober playlist on Spotify. October has always been a month of awesome Rock releases and this one is no exception. Enjoy new releases of Muse, Twenty One Pilots, Papa Roach, grandson, Nothing But Thieves, Smashing Pumpkins, Reel Big Fish, MXPX and Rival Sons alongside upcoming independent talent. Examples are The Baskervilles, James Maddock, Bang Bang Club and Standing Before Kings. See full tracklist below. Cover: Big Mother Gig

Find last week’s update by clicking here. ForTheLoveOfBands will treat you with a rockin’ new music playlist which will be updated every Wednesday. Follow the playlist below to receive a fresh mix of newly released (Indie) Rock, Punk, Ska Punk, Metal and Alternative every Wednesday.

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# Track Name Artist Name
1 Low Payout (feat. Dicky Barrett) Big Mother Gig, Dicky Barrett
2 Blind Ambition The Baskervilles
3 On and On Indian Askin
4 Loretta James Maddock
5 Party Loud Storybook Scars
6 Melody Bang Bang Club
7 Terror Convey
8 Who Do You Trust? Papa Roach
9 My, My, My Ritzy Park
10 Guitar Ed Struijlaart
11 Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts) The Smashing Pumpkins
12 Good Problem to Have Lit
13 This Isn't What I Paid For As Time Fades
14 Kongen Klædt I Gult De Forbandede, Hell Comes Around
16 Lost My Cool Stand Atlantic
17 Sleeping with Lions The Cold Stares
18 Let Me Drown All The Colours
19 Fire - Part 1 The Struts
20 Rock & Roll Homeschool Radkey
21 Hunny Bunnies Beach Goons
22 Electric Fires Black Peaks
23 Laugh It Up Quiet Oaks
24 A Familiar Love SHADED
25 Foxes Prey Drive
26 Street Justice Death Valley Girls
27 California Friends The Regrettes
28 BORN DARK Holy Wars
29 Phase Me LOSER
30 Here Come The Wolves Strange Bones
31 Let It Go The Story So Far
32 Break Me Shake Me Glass Tides
33 Abbot Kinney The Revelries
34 Need a Reason Yacht Punk
35 Ride As December Falls
36 You Can't Have All of Me Reel Big Fish
37 Who Do You Work For dubé
38 Alien Airways
39 I Love LA Starcrawler
40 Bury Me The Luka State
41 No Sale Middle Class Rut
42 Over It The Frights
43 Stigmata Basement
44 Some Kind Of Rage Mona
45 Double Down Slothrust
46 One Way Track Flash Forward
47 Witch Trials Bad Moon Born
48 Petrifaction Catch Fire
49 Bottoms Up Kings Of Spade
50 Masterplan Kanadia
51 Dead Boys Sam Fender
52 Texas The Pink Slips
53 S.O.S. (Sawed Off Shotgun) The Glorious Sons
54 Bad Intentions Bel Heir
55 You'll Be Fine Palaye Royale
56 Let Me Live / Let Me Die Des Rocs
57 Over It Rivals
58 Wild The Standstills
59 Rule the World Zayde Wølf
60 The Band Plays As We All Go Down MxPx
61 Pretty Decent Exposure Hank von Hell
62 People Who Died Against Me!
63 Wasteland All That Remains
64 Forever Blind For I Am King
65 Forever & Ever More Nothing But Thieves
66 Blood / / Water grandson
67 Feed off Fear The Casualties
68 Mary Backyard Superheroes
69 Friends Nightmares For A Week
70 Every Step That I Take (feat. Portugal The Man & Whethan) Tom Morello, Portugal. The Man, Whethan
71 MANTRA Bring Me The Horizon
72 Can't Let You Back In Victory Lane
73 The Reckoning Within Temptation, Jacoby Shaddix
74 California YUNGBLUD
75 Pressure Muse
76 My Blood Twenty One Pilots
77 Stronger The Score
78 Nothin' That I Can't Do La Chinga
79 Radio No Small Children
80 The Time Is Now Atreyu
81 Natural Imagine Dragons
82 Tonight Standing Before Kings
83 Prayers Good Charlotte, Chris Lord-Alge
84 When The Curtain Falls Greta Van Fleet
85 Do Your Worst Rival Sons
86 Moving Boxes With Confidence
87 White Flag Normandie
88 Infra-Red Three Days Grace
89 Are You Ready Disturbed
90 Mind Your Manners (feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators) Slash, Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators
91 Disease Beartooth
92 Wish I Could Remember I Against I
93 Made An America THE FEVER 333
94 One The Hunna
95 Alone In A Room Asking Alexandria
96 She's Kerosene The Interrupters
97 Plasticine Mezzanine CREO
98 Worm Is Gonna Turn Rare Americans
99 Subconscious Drowning Sun
100 One of These Days Whatever, Ohio
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