The Wilderness – Fall (Despite What You Do) is an indie music lover’s dream


Based in Kingston, Ontario, The Wilderness released their new single, Fall (Despite What You Do) on July 19 and it’s an indie music lover’s dream.

The 6 piece group of multi-national members plans to release 3 more singles over the next few months, a spirited task for any outfit. Members from the UK, Switzerland and the US round out this Canadian tour de force of modern indie stylings. The single itself is accessible to many different palates and casts a large net when capturing new sets of ears.

Listen to The Wilderness – Fall (Despite What You Do) via YouTube below or Spotify

Instrumentation is paramount within this track. Sonic layerings and reverb-soaked vocal production make Fall a listening pleasure through any device. A warming saxophone line is expertly created and mixed into the track like an ingredient that you can’t place in a complex recipe. Rhythmically speaking, Fall shuffles along effortlessly with syncopated rhythms and in-the-pocket drumming. Add an anthem-like chorus and smooth lead vocal and that’s how it’s done.

The Wilderness - Fall

The Wilderness is a busy outfit, 400+ shows in 4 years is not for the faint of heart; it can make or break a band. Thankfully it does not look like it will slow these guys down. As the summer of 2019 winds to a close, there are still many opportunities to catch this band live: Music in the Park (Kingston, ON) Aug 16, Back to the Farm (MacKinnon Brothers Festival) Aug 18 and Horseshoe Tavern (Toronto, ON) Sept. 7.

As you forage through The Wilderness, be sure to be on the lookout for 3 new singles, surely all playlist worthy.

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