Munky – Megaton | a dark, sleazy disco track that is unnerving, yet oddly irresistible

Munky - MegatonMunky - Megaton

The latest single from alternative rock band Munky is a dark, sleazy disco track that is unnerving, yet oddly irresistible. Produced by Dan Doherty, the broodingly funky ‘Megaton’ swells from within, led by a grooving bassline that is both parts danceable and disorientating.

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Munky’s rhythm section is immediately addictive, percussion and bass working together to create the foundation of the entire track. The guitarist’s approach their instruments in various ways throughout, enclosing ‘Megaton’ in atmospheric scratches and squeaks, forming a jarring enhancement to a satisfyingly restless composition. The vocals are powerful and are written with thoughtful consideration of the compelling instrumentation; the bassline is the undisclosed lead. ‘Megaton’ is perhaps a Royal Blood track’s peculiar, less bluesy brother, with a voice that could easily switch between the two.


One of the most noticeable moments is the transition from the first chorus back into that familiar, sulky verse; it’s a skilful, unexpected element that is successful in bridging the gap between these sections. It is also something to note that if you activate Spotify’s fade feature, the song flows seamlessly from end back to the beginning.

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‘Megaton’ stands out against predictable alternative rock music due to its devotion to an unmissable groove and almost uncomfortable soundscape. New discoveries are made upon each listen and it is certainly one of my favourites. 

You can listen to ‘Megaton’ above, but I also recommend seeking out the live version, which is available here.

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