Best Sites For Your Music Submissions

Best Sites For Your Music SubmissionsPhoto credit: Unsplash.com

The music industry is a vast place for aspiring new artists and musicians. The hardest part is trying to get music moguls to take the time to listen and critique your craft. Make things easier by finding the popular websites that allow music submissions, and be one step closer to your dreams.

1. Indie Shuffle

Genres Accepted: any

Visit The Website: https://www.indieshuffle.com/

Where To Submit Music: https://www.submithub.com/blog/indie-shuffle

Comprised of international writers, Indie Shuffle is a music blog that focuses on bringing listeners to different music. Ranging from indie rock, hip hop, and electronic music, you’re sure to find a place for your music on this site. Reviews are raw and real, with writers openly stating that autotune and mixes aren’t their things.


Submit your music to indie music blogs and use the following tips and list of music review sites in this article.

2. Audiotox

Genres Accepted: hip hop, electronic dance music, pop, indie, rock, singer-songwriter, electronic, alternative, dubstep

Visit The Website: http://www.audiotox.com/

Where To Submit Music: http://www.audiotox.com/submissions/

Audiotox keeps welcoming newbies in their website by conducting interviews and posting them for potential listeners to see. Expect to see upcoming artists and new music to dominate the site. Aspiring musicians can bet that Audiotox gives them an excellent review and bio regarding the music they want the world to listen to and see.

3. Xttrawave

Genres Accepted: any

Visit The Website: https://xttrawave.com/

Where To Submit Music: https://xttrawave.com/home/submit-your-music/

Xttrawave is a common ground for new music in the styles of rap & hip hop, EDM (Electronic Dance Music), pop, R&B, soul and jazz, rock, and country music. With excellent ratings and a continuously increasing audience, this music blog aims to showcase raw talent and great music for listeners worldwide.

You may have your craft featured on the blog by choosing either a music interview, a music press release, or a music review. All three ensure and include the following:

  • Music promotion
  • Direct links for streaming and social media
  • Exposure to SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal
  • Increased exposure to different audiences of the music blog
  • Raises the possibility of gaining new followers and music plays
  • Popularity and engagement boost

4. Indie 88

Genres Accepted: indie

Visit The Website: https://indie88.com/

Where To Submit Music: https://indie88.com/submit-your-music/

Indie 88 is a music blog based in Toronto. They are known to give thorough reviews, previews, and features that are all about the indie industry. Indie 88 is an established name on both the internet and radio, as well as a widely known platform for different news and music content. This blog also makes sure to continuously shed light on indie music from both classic and upcoming artists.

5. A&R Factory

Genres Accepted: any

Visit The Website: https://www.anrfactory.com/

Where To Submit Music: https://www.anrfactory.com/submit-demo/

A&R Factory started as a music blog back in 2012. The people behind A&R Factory believe in helping artists, songwriters, managers, and record labels. The blog earned its credible reputation over time and has been part of the nominations for U.K’s Top Ten Blogs as well as securing a place in the worldwide submissions of Top 100 Blogs.

The now-famous music blog helps you improve in the following areas:

  • Social media campaigns
  • Paid advertising
  • Music playlisting
  • Social verification
  • Consultancy
  • Websites
  • Music PR
  • Music videos
  • Design

6. Xune Mag

Genres Accepted: any

Visit The Website: https://xunemag.com/

Where To Submit Music: https://xunemag.com/submit-music/

Xune Mag makes it easy for aspiring musicians to get recognized. The website keeps accepting new and upcoming artists so that they continue to have fresh and raw music content. Xune Mag makes sure to allow every band and singer to make themselves known. By reviewing their craft, interviewing them, and adding the music to several playlists, Xune Mag helps make aspiring artists and their music known. They post the playlists on different social media platforms and their website to boost popularity further.

7. AllMusic

Genres Accepted: any

Visit The Website: https://www.allmusic.com/

Where To Submit Music: https://www.allmusic.com/product-submissions , content.music@tivo.com

AllMusic makes it a point to include classical music on their site together with the new music from different aspiring musicians. Including both genres make them a massive platform overall. They have approximately three million (or more) albums reviewed and a whopping thirty million songs posted. They take reviews seriously. AllMusic offers ratings from one star to five stars, they recommend songs and albums, give out sound samples, and provide links for streaming.

8. Audio Drums

Genres Accepted: electronic pop, dance-pop, indie

Visit The Website: http://www.audiodrums.com/

Where To Submit Music: http://www.audiodrums.com/music-submissions/

Audio Drums is a platform for musicians who don’t follow the standard type of music nowadays. The music blog highlights underrated music, especially those in the categories of indie and electronic music. Aside from discovering raw music, Audio Drums also has a forum that allows you to remix songs and make new electronic music. They post creations on their page and SoundCloud as well.


Genres Accepted: any

Visit The Website: https://www.factmag.com/

Where To Submit Music: promos@factmag.com

Since 2003, FACT started profiling potential stars by being a music and youth culture magazine. By 2009, they took on the online world for music publications with different contributors such as Holly Herndon, Carl Craig, and so much more. A flagship series by FACT is known as ‘Against The Clock’ is popular for featuring famous producers, DJs, rappers, etc.

As of 2018, FACT’s credibility as a music publication platform continues. The site already has branded video content and is currently partnered with VF Publishing.

10. Indie Pulse Magazine

Genres Accepted: any

Visit The Website: https://indiepulsemusic.com/

Where To Submit Music: https://indiepulsemusic.com/tag/submit/ , indipulsemusic@gmail.com

Indie Pulse Music focuses on different ways to showcase new music. It can be through reviews, articles, and interviews. From the name itself, the music blog advocates for indie music and artists. They are also in connection with an online radio station called IPM Radio.

Although the site gets updated now and then, you should know that they are currently in search for the following:

  • New artists or bands that are available for interviews
  • Syndication partners
  • Places that offer live music (such as coffee shops or local and national venus)
  • Online retailers
  • Record stores for promotion
  • Independent labels
  • Content writers (any topic regarding music is accepted)
  • Topics, suggestions for future articles

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