Leonie Jakobi – Are You Lonely Enough? hit the heart of anyone that knows the struggle of unrequited, unidentifiable desire.

Leonie Jakobi – Are You Lonely Enough?

Leonie Jakobi is Germany’s answer to Barns Courtney. The 23-year-old Frankfurt native, currently based in Liverpool, has released her debut single ‘Are You Lonely Enough’ on the 21st of February.

Inspired by greats such as Bruce Springsteen and The Beatles, Leonie Jakobi formed her first-ever band at 13 years young. Clearly these strong musical influences paid off, as Jakobi’s refined sound consists of a unique blend of folk and alternative rock.

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The track begins with rhythmic, pulsing percussion and reverb-y guitar, instantly succeeded by earthy vocals that threaten sharp lyrics such as “watch your back, your blood is dripping”. Deep lyrics permeate throughout the track, just like the three-part harmonies and thudding drums. ‘Are You Lonely Enough’ masquerades itself as a classic rock track, but contains an element of something else hard to place. The song is not particularly catchy, except from the refrain encapsulating the song’s message and title of ‘are you lonely enough’: “you say spending the night with you doesn’t mean I’m in love”.

This implied message connects with everyone that hears the song, something that Leonie Jakobi does well that gives her music a level of intimacy impressive for a new artist. Described by Michael Forst in Frankfurter Neue Presse: “The mission in [Leonie’s] music is to tell stories of the ages, to connect and hold a place in the heart of her listeners with a raw sense of merciless honesty.” This is shown in lyrics like “am I crazy to think you would want me?  / ‘Cause I can’t stand it, I can’t stand the unknown” that are identifiable to every listener, pushed further to the forefront of minds due to the crisp production.

Leonie Jakobi – Are You Lonely Enough?

Listeners will feel personally attacked after listening to the track as Jakobi’s lilting vocals hit the heart of anyone that knows the struggle of unrequited, unidentifiable desire, or at the very least, will enjoy the attractive guitar. 

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