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A mashup of Stevie Wonder & Guns N’ Roses for a good cause

A group of thirty-five musicians across the world in a project called The Gig Economy release a new video performing a mashup of ‘Living For The City’ by Stevie Wonder and ‘Paradise City’ by Guns N’ Roses to raise money for Help Musicians—an independent charity that provides help, support and opportunities for musicians in the UK.

Founded by London-based session guitarist Leo Playa, The Gig Economy project began at the end of April, and was named after what the government has called freelancers. Here’s what Leo has to say about the project:

“The reason I took on the project was because we were out of work with the pandemic, and a few of us had started online collaborations. I have seen the mashup and always wanted to cover it on stage before lockdown began, so I asked a few people to cover it online with me. We did this cover for Help Musicians because they helped us with grants at the beginning of lockdown, and this is our way to help pay them back.”

The cover is based on Bill McClintock’s mashup on YouTube, which garnered over 500,000 views on his channel with over 139,000 subscribers.

The video features thirty-five musicians including Anna Mylee (DORJA), Andy Hooley & Matt Yardley (DRP Rat Pack Tour), Jon Sudbury (Stacie Collins), Izzy Thomas, Pimms Brooke, Gemma Nelson, Nathalie Miranda plus others. The video also features Bill McClintock himself as a guest guitarist in the video, with the audio mixed by Quentin “The Q” Roelandt, and mastered by Graeme Lynch (Two Zero Nine Mastering).

Donations can be made directly via the Help Musicians website, or in the YouTube video description below. Every penny will go straight to help emerging, professional and retired musicians in the UK.

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