Aaron Taos, Lonely God and Huron John add some new flavor to “Control”

Control (remix)

Aaron Taos, Lonely God and Huron John have added some new flavor to Aaron’s insanely popular hit, Control. Just in case you don’t remember…back in September of 2019 the creatives over at NBA 2k20 selected Aaron Taos’ Control as a song for the game’s coveted playlist. Unknown at the time, a microscopic virus would creep out of the woodwork and help catapult the song into internet infamy thanks to one of the most unintentionally prophetic lyrics of our decade; “Sittin’ here thinkin’ bout society, do you wanna hear some irony? I don’t like going out, but I don’t want to stay at home.”

It was not only poignant, it would become the anthem of a new era. Used in over 10,000 TikTok videos and with over 3.5 million plays on Spotify alone, Control is undeniably a hit. Now, with over 1 million YouTube views later, the contagiously catchy tune has its first official remix.

Honestly, I love this remix as much (if not more…no offense Aaron) as the original. Lonely God’s interpretation on the second verse and Huron John spittin’ it ol’school style on the third verse gives this timely groove that 20/20 edge the original version could have never foreseen. I emailed Aaron and asked him what he thought about all this.

Here’s what Aaron had to say about it

Aaron Taos –

When quarantine started in March/April I began to see a ton of new comments and messages about how the lyrics unintentionally related to quarantine…tons of people started making TikTok videos for it and before I knew it, a funny video of a cat with an orange on its head went viral. I honestly think all this happened because so many people were forced to stay home and ended up playing video games like NBA 2k20. Then they heard my song and were like…. wait a minute did this dude predict quarantine (lol)? As far as the remix, Lonely God & Huron John are two of my fav new artists!! It’s so awesome they were down to hop on this remix and give it their own flare. For me “Control” has been a new spin on slacker rock, and I think they nailed it.

Aaron Taos

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