5 Reasons You Need Pay Per Click Advertising for Music Promotion

Pay Per Click Advertising for Music Promotion

We understand it, we really do. You want to concentrate on playing and writing great tunes. You did not get into this to be a marketing executive, so why should you care about digital marketing?

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising seems to be the buzzword for online businesses. Yet it has several amazing advantages for bands and musicians that can build your following quickly and on a minimal budget. Below, we give 5 reasons you need PPC advertising as a musician. 

You Can Target A Demographic

Imagine being able to show your music video to people all over the world, that have already stated an interest in your musical genre and artists like yourself? PPC advertising allows you to do exactly that.

Check out the demographic at your next concert. Is it mainly men or women? What age group are they? With PPC you can target the people who are more likely to follow and engage with you, as opposed to a scattergun approach that targets everyone. 

Facebook is a great way to begin a PPC campaign, as you can also target people based on their likes and dislikes. People actively state the genres they like, and what bands they listen to. You can use this to find your audience. 

You Can Set and Manage a Budget

The beauty of PPC advertising is that you can set a budget that is adhered to. Budgets can be set on a day by day basis or week by week. Once your advertisement has been clicked a few times, or the correct amount of people have visited your profile, your budget is spent, and no more advertising is done until the next period.

It Has Low Startup Costs

PPC advertising can start with low pricing structures, as little as $1 a day. So, for $7 a week, you can be reaching a dedicated, whole new fanbase for the price of a pizza.

Imagine that in this week you made two really dedicated, hardcore fans who loved your music. They have cost you $3.50 to recruit and say they both buy a T Shirt from your merchandise selection for $10. You just made $13 in profit and made two fans happy, making them more likely to come back and buy merchandise to support their new favorite artist.

You Can Adapt in Real Time

With a traditional advertising campaign, if you get something wrong, then you must wait out the campaign with this misdemeanor or cancel the whole thing. This is not the case with PPC and if something is not working, instant feedback lets you know and change it. 

Imagine you set up a PPC campaign featuring your latest video. After three days you realize people are not clicking. With PPC, you could switch the video to an older one and change the tagline to ‘come and see the latest video on our page’. You can monitor this, and see which video attracts the most attention. 

It Builds Brand Awareness

The worst-case scenario with PPC advertising is people see your advert and do not click on it. However, you have not paid anything for this, and the potential fan has still seen an ad for your music. They now know who you are and what you do, and it was all free. 

So, what have you got to lose? You need to start using PPC to promote your online music business starting today. 


  • I certainly agree with this article – new and less known artist need to invest to get heard.
    What is problematic to make money out of this invest. I mean stream services are fancy but brings much-much less what we are to invest in a campaign (not to mention that in order to get to the stream platform, you need to invest as well).
    Anyways I believe artists need to become unique and a bit trendy on social media, be available on stream platforms and then try pinpointing who to target through a digital marketing campaign 🙂
    Latte Chill

  • I have resisted social media as much as possible, as I have always felt it was more about ego and image than substance, but it would appear its becoming increasingly necessary to compete with the young pups!

  • Great article, I like the idea about it building brand awareness , and due it being PPC at the end of the day you really don’t have much to lose. I feel sometimes that just seeing something can implant a seed in someone’s mind that could sprout at any time, even if they don’t click the link at the time.

  • Great article. I like that fact that because it’s PPC you really have very little to lose. I feel that even if someone see’s is jsut exposed to something briefly it can implant a seed in their mind which could srout further down the line, even if they don’t click the link there and then.

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