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Phillip Foxley Is Set To Blaze Up The Summer Of 2021 – New Single “She Burned Me Down” Out Now!

With a stylistic slice of true Texan Blues/Rock sound designed to heat up your speakers this summer – UK-based solo artist Phillip Foxley is back with a brand-new single called “She Burned Me Down” this year. In a wild display of scorching hot guitar chops & a brilliantly twisted tale of life & love in his lyrics, Foxley’s latest cut quickly becomes an incredible ride and a purely electrified experience, start to finish.

Specifically setting forth on an audible adventure that is designed to be turned UP in the tradition of legendary hits like ZZ Top’s “La Grange,” through a live-wire vibe that recalls the days of Easy Rider – Phillip’s new single “She Burned Me Down” is stocked full of true grit & relentlessly entertaining sound. From the inherently skillful instrumentation that fans of Foxley have known and loved for years in his music, to the expressive way he plays & the creative freedom he’s built his reputation on – “She Burned Me Down” has Phillip as amped-up & lively as he’s ever been, inspired to rock your summer soundtrack.

Out and available on every major music platform online now – join Phillip Foxley this year for the official release of “She Burned Me Down” & a verifiable rip through the fiery blaze of real Rock that never quits.

Phillip Foxley (Guest Author)
Phillip Foxley is a multi-genre songwriter and musician. He writes and produces all his music from his home studio in Conwy, North Wales, UK.


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