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Waterfront: Fueling a Rock Revolution – Calgary’s 5-Piece Rock Band Embarks on a Bold Musical Leap

Waterfront: Redefining the Rock Genre with "I Wanna Run featuring Gutter King" - Calgary's Rock Quintet Makes a Bold Musical Shift

Waterfront Photo: Ashtyn LiškaPhoto: Ashtyn Liška

Calgary based rock quintuplet WATERFRONT aims to keep the rock genre more than alive with their brand new hard rock single “I Wanna Run featuring Gutter King.” Produced and co-written by Quinn Cyrankiewicz who is known for his outstanding production with bands Royal Tusk and Calling All Captains, the single mirrors a turning point for Waterfront.

Lead vocalist Dan Sequiera stated,

In a way, our new material has completely reshaped our sound. If you have listened to our previous work, this is going to be like listening to something else entirely in all the best ways. We love our past and still feel our new path forward aligns with where we’ve come from, but in a way, we are running away from things we felt didn’t work.

I Wanna Run mirrors this turning point for us in that the song itself delves into the weight of breaking away from the toxicity of the wrong relationships or friendships to forge a new path forward and rediscover who you are. It is a risky decision to make; to try something complete foreign and brand new. I’ve been in relationships where you’re metaphorically beaten down and used, but I channeled that into this song. It’s easier to take it on the chin sometimes than it is ask for the respect you deserve and I feel we captured that energy and then some with this song.

Waterfront are excited to bring their life-changing experiences to a whole new level and landscape within the rock genre.

The track “I Wanna Run featuring Gutter King” bursts to life with an explosion of energy, propelled by commanding, pulsating, and rhythmic drums, enthralling guitar riffs, a sturdy and resolute bass line, and accentuated by a powerful captivating chorus delivered through raw and emotive clean vocals with exceptional tone. With a pulsating rhythm section and driving drums, the song creates an intense and dynamic experience.

The inclusion of Gutter King, a Calgary based metalcore band, brought a captivating contrast to the song, showcasing powerful growls, aggressive screams, and a driving force that introduced a unique and unexpected twist. This addition significantly enhanced the overall impact of the song, creating a powerful drive to further illustrate and express the driving running element of the track.

The powerful fusion of Dan’s clean vocals and Gutter King’s aggressive screams added a dynamic element that vividly conveyed the theme of breaking free from toxic relationships and embarking on a journey of self-discovery. Their collaboration intensified the song’s meaning, leaving a lasting impact.

Waterfront’s remarkable talent is evident in their ability to blend significant influences from bands like Nickelback, Three Days Grace, and Breaking Benjamin, while simultaneously crafting a sound that is distinctly and uniquely their own.

As the track propels forward with its electrifying intensity, it creates a surge of energy that syncs perfectly with the determination of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The synergy between the powerful vocals, driving drums, and enthralling guitar riffs ignites a sense of empowerment, spurring individuals to pursue and embrace the challenge.

Waterfront members include lead vocals Dan Sequeira, bass and backing vocals Tanner Cyr, rhythm guitar Devin Taylor, lead guitar Ryan Ross, and drums Benjamin Forseth.

I Wanna Run” is just a taste of what fans can expect from Waterfront’s upcoming EP, Sleep in the Cold,’ scheduled for release in early November under the Affiant Records label.

Waterfront’s unique sound appeals to fans of Nickelback, Hinder, Billy Talent, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, and Theory of a Deadman, making them a must-listen for rock enthusiasts seeking fresh and exhilarating experiences.

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