The Velvet Hands – Sick Of Living b/w If Only

?Cornwall’s The Velvet Hands might be the second coming of rock and roll’s piss and vinegar garage bands. The quartet has been featured on multiple BBC programs and a host of blogs and other media outlets, while their single, Sick Of Living invades record stores and wifi connections around the world.

Sick of Living is more than your basic “F You” song though. Its lyrics are well written, its structure well-crafted.  The single is produced by Ben Woods who does a stellar job of “making sense” of this raucous mix for the listener.  The guitar tones and jagged feel are a nod to Dr. Feelgood with Wilko Johnson, yes, that kind of cool. Big ups to the drummer with his vintage tones and human-characteristic snare drum phrasing that make Sick Of Living as rhythmically authentic as one can get.

Just when you thought it was safe to flip the 7” release over, along comes, If Only. Filled with lofty acoustic work and tasty tremolo guitar, If Only shows just how diverse these guys really are.  Putting If Only on the B-side of Sick Of Living was a ballsy move, but I like it; now it beckons you to visit the rest of the album and see what these ambitious, troubadours are up to.

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