Bombnivores – Cycle Through

I’m listening to Bombnivores’ “Cycle Through” (The first single from their forthcoming album “In Tension”) under a dark impenetrable Vancouver sky. It’s rained almost every day in the past month and the empty promises of Spring leech into the wet garbage piled in the alley beside my apartment.

You let me outta here and I’m never coming back.

The song has been on repeat for close to a half hour and the end refrain, “You let me outta here and I’m never coming back” fills my claustrophobic apartment. It’s a desperate dirty groove. Thom York and DJ Shadow are easy comparisons but beneath those icons of cultural dissonance are the undercurrents of 60’s soul. A lost descendent of The Peddlers 1968 hit “On A Clear Day”. Sheldon Kelly’s vocal melody pushes and pulls, threading the beats. His raw discontent teeters carefully on discordance but never breaks.

I’ve been trying to understand my affinity for this song. Geographically Bombnivores and I exist on opposing coasts. Sheldon Kelly and Jamie Larade conceived this piece of beautifully layered distorted funk 4,444 kilometres from my apartment (At least according to Google that’s the distance between Halifax and Vancouver). And as the rain beats its rhythm on my windows in time with the hi-hat I wonder what the weather is like on the east coast. I wonder if the Halifax skyline is obscured by fog and if the distance between us is connected by a shared desperation. “You let me outta here and I’m never coming back”…

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