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Marathon Runner – Better Days Ahead

Chicago-based project, Marathon Runner has released their album, Better Days Ahead and its single by the same name this past June. I actually ended up listening to the whole album rather than just the single and it’s really a great collection of poems told through the hollow and haunting tones of its lead vocalist and lead guitarist.

Better Days Ahead (the album) has overdriven pianos, overdriven synth stuff, tremolo treats and it’s chock full of bratty, brown guitar tones on all its tracks. Chord progressions are banged out with reckless abandon, plenty of angst, energy and always manage to end up in the ethereal.

I really applaud the vocal mix on the whole album, it sits right where it needs to – as part of the whole project. It’s not some “Vegas” mix or a victim of the over-produced. Songs are honest, sonically-pleasing and showcase nothing but the song. Better Days Ahead is a keeper and enough to please any discerning indie music fan.

Chris Ambrosino hails from the Catskill region of New York and has been a performer and songwriter since 1987. He also has worked as an art director and graphic artist for several organizations. Chris currently plays and writes for indie band, Blue Ribbon and is a contributing writer for the Alt. Daily blog and For The Love Of Bands website. He has resided in Hampton Roads, VA since 1994.

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