Miranda Foxx & Liam Boyle

The year is 2049, sunlight has long abandoned earth, replaced by
artificial beams, collecting data owned by the Super Government.  Life as we know it no longer exists. We have been replaced by ‘The
Machine’, a new breed of human. A Biohacked Homo Sapien Robot with emotions.

“You can do what you want to fight it
The Machine will draw you inside it
You better not jump
You better not go
Stay inside let it take control”

‘The Machine’, the mind-blowingly brilliant single from Miranda Foxx, produced by prolific composer Liam Boyle. ‘The Machine’ is from the future, with its gorgeous lazy vocals, dystopian drums, synths and thumping guitars. This was my single of 2016. To say I’m in love with this track is an understatement. Every now and then a tune will hit you hard, so hard that you seek out more music by that artist.

The Miranda Foxx, Liam Boyle project has a stupendous body of work.
‘River Flood’ also featured in my top 5 from 2016. A Breeders esq guitar anthem, with Miranda’s smooth velvet like vocals nonchalantly lifting the track.

Man, this girl is good. ‘Can You Feel It’, is another sing a long anthem. The vocal delivery sounds effortless, almost as if she doesn’t care. That’s why it works and makes it unique.

Then there’s ‘Myxamatosis’. A tune the Stone Roses would be proud of, with its superb break beat drums, atmospheric strings and catchy lyrics.

Miranda Foxx is by far the best talent on the indie scene right now. Rough Trade, stop wasting your time on predictable boring bands, here is your next signing.
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