Ten Minute Detour – Betty

It’s really quite astonishing how far the sound of dysfunctional amplifiers has travelled over the years. The indisputable fuzzy, squally sound of cranking tubes has inspired many great bands in the past and present alike.

 Fender’s introduction of the Super Amp in 1947 was the beginning of an era and bands like The Ventures, The Doors, Deep Purple, Metallica, Nirvana (to name a few) followed the example and still inspire many bands today.
One such band that are using these fuzzy cranked up tubes are Ten Minute Detour. Formed in 2013, they cut their teeth in a small, detached heatless garage in Calgary, Alberta (Canada). Their sophomore album, Common Pleasure, is set to release early 2018 and their new single “Betty” was released on October 13th as an appetiser.
The band’s musicality is powerful throughout with clever songwriting. “Betty” is fuzzy, noisy, edgy and raw. All the elements an energetic, catchy high-energy garage rock track like this should have.

Crank up the volume and enjoy! “Betty” has been added to our New Music playlist on Spotify and would be a welcome addition to any other playlist out there.

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