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Minnie Micros – Soft Lights

Red lights illuminate the high street, shadows of sleaze and temptation teasing, flashing neon, naked flesh, a dance with the devil as unknown pleasures await.

Wild girl soft lights
Vile girl soft lights
Why girl Why girl
Wild wild Soft lights

Soft Lights, the deliciously dark electro anthem from East London based Minnie Micros.
Produced by Paul Of Sound (LegPuppy, Roots Manuva, HMLT, Goat Girl) with Mexican born Melary Melary, ex Mean Bikini & Madonnatron on vocals and guitar.
This Minnie Micros tune instantly grabs you and takes you into the depths of 80s Soho London, bohemian characters, back street clubs. The guitar soars like a waving hand from darkness, luring you into the land of debauchery. The vocals explode with an orgy of chaos, She’s Lost Control, as the organ gently guides like a voyeur in the distance.


The video, which Melary art directed, is a cross between a twisted Tricky and Soft Cell. With a new album due out in 2018 Minnie Micros are definitely a band to look out for.

​You can catch Minnie Micros live on 30th October (LegPuppy will freak you) at the Windmill Brixton, London.

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He has always been involved in music in one way or another, designing CD sleeves, posters & flyers before DJing and now fronting a band.

Discovering new bands has always been his passion. His reviews are written in the form of visual poetry, creating a picture and capturing a moment.

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