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Norma – S.A.D.

Swedish psych rockers, Norma have released a new single called S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) and it’s definitely worth the magic bus fare.

Pulsating rhythm tracks and spacious guitars set the tone as the new single winds its way through your own psyche for a trippy 5:47. Lyrically, the single is as good as they come for this reviewer. Stream of conscience-type prose, coupled with almost Dylan-like phrasing, lyrics are delivered to you on Norma’s conditions, not bound by any preconceived arrangement notions.

S.A.D is musically suspenseful and lyrically thought-provoking, it’s stimulating and energy-building in its structure, or lack thereof. On a side note, Norma couples this single with a great video that is Gilbert Grape meets Mad Max or something. It’s dreamy and nightmarish, collectively. There’s a lot of art here folks, I’m a new fan.

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Chris Ambrosino hails from the Catskill region of New York and has been a performer and songwriter since 1987. He also has worked as an art director and graphic artist for several organizations. Chris currently plays and writes for indie band, Blue Ribbon and is a contributing writer for the Alt. Daily blog and For The Love Of Bands website. He has resided in Hampton Roads, VA since 1994.

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