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LegPuppy – Running Through A Field of Wheat

Running Through A Field of Wheat (Paul of Sound remix) by LegPuppy displays a skilful use of electronic instruments and contrast of layers, making it a captivating track. 
 Starting with a strong beat and reverb, the synth intro is the building blocks for RTFOW; a motif that is continuously used throughout the song. Additional layers gradually develop throughout the piece which is a feature I enjoy, allowing you to focus on multiple characteristics of the electro-pop remix. The attention to each layer and their point of appearance really lets you appreciate the music for its creation, as well as how successfully the music works together. Softened vocals add a deeper charm to the track, a soothing comparison to the static synth.

A trait in this remix that I find interesting is the way layers are manipulated and cut. This adds variation to the electro-track which keeps the mind busy and gripped. Even the beat is removed at points throughout, letting the synth and vocals carry the song. I think utilising the layers in this way shows a lot of talent and consideration for experience of the listener.
Each piece of the music connects effectively to create a stimulating track. The mid-tempo, easy-to-listen remix gets my approval, and I feel no matter your preferred music taste, you’ll be able to appreciate the skilful adaptation and its variety.
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Chloe is a media, creative writing and journalism student in England who loves to explore new music and share her opinions. With a creative interest, she aims to follow a career in media and discover new arts of all kinds. She enjoys listening to Pop, Rock, Electro and even foreign music such as Korean and Portuguese. Through For the Love of Bands, she gets to discover new genres and songs, giving her a wide range of inspiration.

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