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Coming down from the high of performing capacity shows at The Great Escape Festival, Brighton-based alt-pop quartet ORCHARDS have revealed the video for their newest single, ‘Double Vision’, a track that was released on June 1st.

Double Vision was pulled from their new EP Losers/Lovers due to be released through Big Scary Monsters Records on the 6th July and is the last track that the group finished for the upcoming record.

Whilst explaining how the song focuses on her own struggles with mental health, frontwoman and vocalist Lucy Evers said, “I have struggled with anxiety and depression for a while but was always so ashamed to talk about it.” From the pop vibes throughout the track to the deep meanings behind the lyrics, this alt-pop track will be getting every single person at their upcoming shows jumping and having fun the whole way through.

Lucy has said that the lyrics throughout the song refer to the “two people living inside” her head, one being the confident, independent woman, and the other being the shy and introverted version of herself. Along with this, she mentioned how important she finds it to talk about mental health, and how it isn’t something to be ashamed of – this song becoming a way for Evers to get those emotions out, as she describes being on stage as her “happy place”, adding that the group wanted those emotions to be reflected in the music video.

The music video for the track is footage from the group’s recent support shows with trio, Tiny Moving Parts from Minnesota. The video was directed and filmed by an ORCHARDS long-time collaborator Dan Chase and was released on June 1st. When talking about the music video, Evers said “It’s simply just us loving being on stage and partying with everyone”, and this really is shown throughout the entirety of the video. From the vast diversity of angles of the group playing multiple live shows to the energy and smiles emitting from all four members faces as they play on stage, this music video really does capture the feeling and energy of the group’s “pop banger” and gives off big summer vibes. Quite frankly, if it was me, I would be jumping on the chance to see this Brighton group live – it looks like having fun is their forte.

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  • Loving these guys since seeing them supporting Hippo Campus at Omeara, can’t wait to hear more!

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