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What Audrey do really well is that they write catchy hooks and (through their songwriting), they show that they understand how to blend several really well-done elements together

‘She Says’ from Hull-based band Audrey is one of those songs that teases you throughout. The catchy rock and roll influenced guitar riff that starts the song is something that is returned to repeatedly (and stays with you in your head for the next few hours… trust me!) Each instrument contributes to this main riff with the bass and drums keeping things moving well while the two guitars intertwine, giving the whole thing a brightness and a texture that kept my toes tapping and provides a perfect bed for the well delivered vocal melody.

Lyrically, the song tells the story of being mistreated by a partner and some of the lines pull no punches such as “treat me like I’m Judas and kick me when I’m down,” “she poured her lovin’ over me like gasoline, then she set fire to my dreams” and my favourite line “those are grey, not silver, clouds.” The song ends with the partner changing her mind, maybe realising what he or she is losing but then being left behind.

As the song progresses, it feels like it’s going to go somewhere but Audrey keep the listener guessing, taking the tempo down for a catchy chorus, complete with well-placed harmonies and then returning back to the main riff.


Just as I was wondering if this was going to be one of those songs that teases but ultimately doesn’t deliver, the song reaches its crescendo with a perfectly pitched guitar solo, which feels like it’s adding to the song, rather than dominating it.

What Audrey do really well is that they write catchy hooks and (through their songwriting), they show that they understand how to blend several really well-done elements together. It feels like a really solid song that is performed by a band who are working together to make good music, rather than fighting for the limelight.

If you enjoy ‘She Says,’ check out their EP, which launches on 20th October.

About Audrey

Audrey are an original rock and roll band from Hull. Formed two years ago when drummer Tom Small met singer songwriter Josh Darby, the band have been creating their own brand of rock and roll ever since. Filling their sound out with Ben Stephenson on bass and Ben Farr on lead guitar, the band hunkered down to hone their own original sound. Drawing inspiration from a wide mix of influences, from The Rolling Stones and Tom Petty to Oasis and The Foo Fighters, their sound offers a nod to a simple, rootsy rock and roll sound of a time gone by, while also injecting it with a fresh burst of energy and influence from the 21st Century.

Promising an engaging and energetic live set, rammed with toe tapping originals and big juicy choruses – it’s always a good night with Audrey. After making a name for themselves on the local Hull Scene, playing at Freedom Festival and supporting Space at Fruit, the band headed west, to Leeds, to record their debut EP at LOOM Studios. This four track EP is a perfect expression of the art these four musicians have created, and the first real taste for the wider public of what this band is about. Audrey’s debut EP is due for release Autumn ‘18.


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