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Iain Wheeler
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Iain Wheeler was born in the Wirral, England and now lives in Bedfordshire (after a short detour to Lincoln) with his wife and 2 children. Iain grew up listening to his parents' record collection, including things like Little Angels and Bon Jovi. He has since moved on to an eclectic collection ranging from The Wonder Years and Mayday Parade to Bright Eyes and Mojave 3. Currently, he is a school teacher who plays tenor sax for 'Codename Colin,' a ska-punk band who released their debut album 'Escape From Everything' in 2019.

Audrey – She Says

‘She Says’ from Hull-based band Audrey is one of those songs that teases you throughout. The catchy rock and roll influenced guitar riff that starts the song is something that is returned to repeatedly (and stays with you in your head for the next few hours… trust me!)